The vaccine mandate

So, all employees of companies with over 100 employees have to get vaccinated ot do weekly testing. Great.

What about employees that are 100% remote and never interact with other employees or the public? Does that matter?


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From what I’ve just checked with a quick Google search, it seems that remote workers count towards the 100 workers, but are not required to be tested as long as they remain remote. If they do come into the office every once in a while, they must be tested and have the results within 7 days before coming in.

Relevant parts of the OSHA FAQ:

2.A.6. Do employees who are working from home count towards the 100-employee minimum?

Yes. If an employer has 150 employees, 100 of whom work from their homes full-time and 50 of whom work in the office at least part of the time, the employer would be within the scope of this ETS because it has more than 100 employees. However, the standard’s requirements would only apply to the 50 employees who work in the office at least part time around other individuals, and not to those 100 employees working exclusively from their homes.

6.A. Do unvaccinated employees who work remotely need to submit to weekly COVID-19 testing?

No. The requirements of the standard do not apply to the employees of covered employers who do not report to a workplace where other individuals such as coworkers or customers are present or while working from home. This includes the testing requirements of paragraph (g) of the ETS.

6.B. If an unvaccinated employee only comes into the workplace once a month is that employee required to be tested every seven days?

No. The employee does not need to be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. However, the employer must ensure the employee is tested for COVID-19 within seven days prior to returning to the workplace and provides documentation of that test result to the employer upon return to the workplace. For example, if an unvaccinated office employee has been teleworking for two weeks but must report to the office, where other employees will be present (e.g., coworkers, security officers, mailroom workers), on a specific Monday to copy and fax documents, that employee must receive a COVID-19 test within the seven days prior to the Monday and provide documentation of that test result to the employer upon return to the workplace. The employee’s test must occur within the seven days before the Monday the employee is scheduled to report to the office, but it also must happen early enough to allow time for the results to be received before returning to the workplace.

And, of course, if you get fully vaccinated, all of this is moot.

I started it in general questions. Maybe it’s a pit to the employee that won’t get vaccinated :upside_down_face:

You answered all my questions perfectly. Thanks!

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Just to relate, anecdotally, I work in state government. Our governor implemented a vaccine mandate last month for all state employees, going by guidance from the feds. We can request an exemption, but if granted we can’t come into the office and interact with coworkers, or interact with the public.

(Which really makes things tough for IT folks trying to support people, but then again this past year has trained me for that kind of shit. It’s really fun when a coworker tests positive for Covid, is in quarantine, and has a work stoppage that requires hands-on support.)

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Anecdote != data but: my employer (a large Federal contractor) imposed a vaccine mandate. We had a deadline to either upload proof of vaccination, or file a medical exemption request - or we would be placed on unpaid leave. There was no “weekly testing” option in our company policy.

And I’m 100% telework at the moment. There was no exemption for that.

So, I think my employer is actually being MORE strict than the rules require.

(Not being a moron, I had been vaccinated, and was able to upload the proof).

We were told that because all employees are allowed to come into the office without notice, all employees need to vaccinate or test, even if we are 100% remote. I think that’s not “being more strict”, it’s “avoiding the additional overhead of keeping track”.

I uploaded evidence of vaccination, and don’t expect this to affect me any further.