The Vegas Box: Why Didn't I Think Of This?

Happened to see a new service offered here in Las Vegas, called The Vegas Box. It is designed for people who come to Vegas on a fairly regular (2-3 times or more per year) basis.

Basically, it is a large plastic tub (the kind you buy at Walmart for your Christmas decorations storage) that you can fill with 70lbs of stuff - they use the examples of suntan lotion, bathing suits, half bottle of Jack Daniels and anything else you might want on your next repeat visit. I think they are also refering to that odd item of clothing, or battery powered device that you might not want to take home to Omaha.

You fill the box, they pick it up and store it and then deliver it to your hotel when you arrive the next time. Costs $99 per year, and that includes storage plus two free deliveries and pick ups, and $20 for each additional drop off and pick up during the calendar year.

I can see how this would save some money with airline baggage fees, and also keep just some basics here in town so you can make those last minute trips here without perhaps taking any extra luggage at all. For those who come here often, or like the idea of just hopping on the next flight and not worrying about bringing anything with them, sounds like a cool idea. Wish I had thought of it…

Your very own Pandora’s box. How utterly blackmail - able!

I did think of this, or something similar, but not for Vegas. I travel to Chicago at least three or four times a year, and two years ago I made an arrangement with a friend of mine who I usually stay with when I’m there. I keep a box of clothing and a few other items at his place. Now when I go to Chicago all i need to pack is my CPAP, my netbook, and anything else I’ll need for that particular trip, all of which I can fit in a carry-on bag.

There’s something similar marketed to folks who stay at Disney World often - Disney Vacation Club members and the like. It’s calledOwner’s Locker.

I wonder if the companies are related, or if this is a franchise-type thing?

How soon before we see ‘Vegas Box Wars’ instead of ‘Storage Wars’? I would totally watch that.

What you use in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

That is a great idea, and I wish I’d thought of it!

Heck I should have thought of it; my last GF performs a similar service for her aunt & uncle: she is The Keeper of The Fan, without which they can’t sleep properly.

That’s a great idea. I can’t tell you how many times we go out to nice restaurants but can’t finish our meals–and don’t feel like carrying all those bits of steak and seafood home!

Actually, Mrs. Devil and I typically travel heavy when we’re driving (yes that is a coffeemaker in our suitcase, but we’re happy to stay here too) so something like this would come in handy.