the very last episode of Geeks and Freaks

They played the last original episodes of G&F around New Year’s, together in a single time bloc. If I recall correctly, in the very very very last ep, our heroine, Cardinelli or whatever the actress’s name is, doesn’t want to go to the Academic Decathlon or somesuch. Her hippie counselor lends her a Grateful Dead LP – I’m not sure how this is supposed to motivate her for the Academic Decathlon. Anyways, she starts listening to the album and starts dancing around the room. In the last scene, she’s getting off the bus – not to go to the Academic Decathlon, but to follow the Dead on tour.

OK, my question is: what song is Cardinelli listening to in her room? I think it may be Sugar Magnolia, but I’m not sure.

What a great way to end a series! I want more Dead on TV.


Bump what?

I believe it was “Box of Rain.”

Actress’ name: Linda Cardellini
Character’s name: Lindsey

Definately “Box of Rain”, the first song on AMERICAN BEAUTY. It is a wonderful moment of TV history. Lindsey decides she isn’t a freak, she isn’t a geek, she’s a Deadhead…well, actually, that’s a freak, but at least she’s nailing down her freakdom.

In case you’re wondering, the song playing at the end when she leaves for the Decathelan/actually the Dead tour is “Ripple”, also on American Beauty.