The Videos on Weird Al's Latest Album

Did Al make these?

Or have much of anything to do with their making?

I hope not. They’re… atrocious. :dubious: :mad:

Anyone know if there’s a story to be told behind their existence?


You misspelled ‘awesome’.


I’m with Frylock. The videos were not up to Al’s usual calibre.

I liked the video for “Don’t Download this Song,” and the others ranged from “meh” to “okay”. But I still want to get the “White and Nerdy” video in high res, not YouTube crud.

(And I liked the “behind the scenes” mini-documentary)

The website says

Given that I wouldn’t know any songs by those artists, the parodies would be lost on me.

I’m old. :frowning:

In another Thread I mentioned that as the years go by I am less likely to know the songs Al is parodying. The parodies are definitely best appreciated when you know the original. On the new album I only know the Chamillionaire song and the Green Day song.

The other three parodies still provide a few laughs, but I have the feeling I’d like them more if I knew the originals (I definitely imagine that his Trapped in the Closet parody would be much much funnier if I knew the original).

It’s still a great album. I’ll mention in yet another Thread that, as I appreciate his parodies less and less*, Al’s original songwriting is getting better and better. There’s nothing on this new album that approaches the brilliance of Hardware Store, Genius in France or Bob from the last album, but there are some real gems: Close But No Cigar, Don’t Download This Song, and particularly Virus Alert.

I really like the song Pancreas, which is an original, not a direct parody. It is however a style parody based on the songs from Brian WIlson’s Smile. I know that I definitely would not appreciate this song much at all if I was not familiar with the Brian Wilson album. The humor in this song is not really based on “jokes”, but rather the humor is based on the odd arrangments Brian Wilson did and especially the really bizarre Van Dyke Parks lyrics. Al pays homage to Van Dyke Parks so very well that it really is hilarious. However, if you don’t know the Brian WIlson album, you’re not going to appreciate it. I should also note that on Pancreas Al really shines as a producer- so well put together!
P.S. The videos on the album should be looked at as “extras”, just a bit of fun for folks who choose to flip the CD. They’re not major productions that would be released to promote the album. White and Nerdy is the first “official” released video. The animated shorts are just a little incentive to by the physical CD, which would be priced the same without the videos, rather than buy the album digitally.

*Though I have appreciated his parodies less in recent years, I really think White and Nerdy is one of his most brilliant parodies ever.

Don’t sweat it – just Google the songs in question, get illuminated, and enjoy.

For instance, I appreciated “Trapped in the Drive Thru” more after I read the lyrics for the original, R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”

The video on seems better than YouTube or Google. My 12y.o. loves it.

I guess I should be more specific instead of just dumping people into