The view from my windows is luminous white, greys and blacks!

Mentioned in one of the other threads that it’s been snowing since this afternoon. Nice light fluffy flakes. And a waning moon up there somewhere, over the grey cloud cover. Between the moon, the clouds, the falling snow, and the reflection back up from the fallen snow, there is a luminous glow in the night.

The sky is light glowing grey. The trees are black, but dusted with streaks of white. The falling snow flakes are twinkling jewels, scattering the light as they fall.

The view from the front windows is brighter, since the street lights add their bit. The back windows look into the backyard and alley, dimmer and more luminescent than the front, but everything clearly visible.

An air of gentle peace hangs over it all, gently glowing at midnight.

Off to bed. To all a good night.

If I saw that I’d want to tell everybody here. Thanks for the post.

Yes, it’s a beautiful description.