The Virtual Matchmaker needs help

I’m trying to fix up two 20-something aquaintances…my physical therapist and a guy in my choir. Both are fairly shy. Since I am 40-something, it’s a little awkward to ask them to meet me at say, Dave & Buster’s, and then introduce them to each other…I’m just not comfortable with that scenario. So, they both agreed that meeting by email might be easier. Now, tomorrow I give them each other’s email addresses, and he is supposed to write to her to introduce himself, and I know he is going to ask me, “well, what should I say?”

So, since they don’t need to start with physical descriptions (i’ve already done that for them) and something that sounds like a personal ad would be creepy, so do any of you have any suggestions for what he can say after, "Hi, I’m Jonathan, Kittenblue’s friend. She’s trying to get us to meet, as you know, so …?
By the way, I think this might be post #100 for me …still haven’t figured out when post counts catch up…several say 94. Thank you all for making this forum such a great place to spend time. Will there be cake?

First, you should tell them both that it’s ok to gossip about you all they want, since they have you in common.

Second, they shouldn’t meet by email: with nothing concrete to talk about, there is no where to start. Make it some sort of foursome–not a double date–and get someone, anyone, to complete the square. (dosn’t have to be romantic-do you have kids? Friends?), and then all go out to a movie and coffee afterwords, or to a play, or an art museum, or something where there is something to talk about.

If they are really hung up on this email thing, tell them to be as specific as possible: not just “I like ot read”, not just “I like to read Sci-fi”, not just “my favorite author is Asimov”, but “I really enjoy reading Asimov’s robot stories becasue . . . .” People in getting to know you situations are always vauge in an attempt not to offend, and come across as boring.

I think they should plunge into their interests, like music, movies, travel, education, recreation… I matched a couple of acquaintances once. They’ve been married a while. He gave me a list of his interests to give to her. I guess she also liked Scrabble or whatever was on the list.