The 'W' Party

Recently in the Nov. 5 elections I noticed something odd while watching results for here in Texas. I recognized what R, D, I, G, and L all stood for in terms of party initials (Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green and Libertarian, respectively), but there was also a mysterious “W” that would appear every so often. The party always got the least amount of votes…I don’t think I saw over 10,000 votes for any candidate of theirs once…but what are they?

Whig Party? White Man’s Party? Women’s Party? Worker’s Party? I’m just perplexed here.

This page of Texas election results from the Texas Secretary of State refers to “W-I”–is that what you were seeing? If so, this page from the Texas Secretary of State tells us that it stands for “Write-In”.

Not in Texas, but could it be “Workers’ Party”?

The National Association of W Lovers; Chairman: Bert, 123B Sesame Street.