The Wally Banner

Uh, Wolf? You’re new to the board, so you may not realize why your insistence is hitting a raw nerve. Folks here are still grieving badly over Wally’s death. Techchick is overloaded and stressed right now in her “real life”, but she still took the time to create a loving, perfect memorial for Wally in that banner.

It’s even more moving that the Chicago Reader donatedthat space to honor Wally. It’s a very real symbol to most of us that Wally was far more than “just a poster” or just an anonymous line of print on the screen.

When posters gave you possible solutions, they were honestly trying to address your concerns. By insisting that the banner was made in a way that interferes with the operation of your computer, even after explanations to the contrary, you made people angry.

So people are sensitive right now on anything that touches Wally…but your insistence was tactless in the extreme. This was not the right forum or the right thread for you to post this. Shayna called you on it, and your bad manners.

I’m willing to chalk this up to inexperience and go on.


Ok, Now I didn’t know him that well either, and the banner is not bothering my computer, but I don’t think this is the way to deal with it.

Harrassing other people simply because they aren’t computer literate is wrong. I know it’s hard to control your feelings, but maybe if you get pissed off by the subject of Wally then you should take a break from the boards until you are over it.

All he asked is that maybe the animation could be stopped, he never said that there shouldn’t be a memorial for him. There’s no reason a banner can’t just be no animation and say all the information said in animation. Bad luck for you, you caught her in the ‘anger’ stage of grief.

Your the Putz!

Yeah, but I didn’t do it nearly as nicely as you did.

Veb, you rock!

Powder Puff (misspelling on purpose)…


I listened to you…I know, I am on a shitty connection but I also know about file caching in a browser. Which is why I didn’t make changes to a static banner. This banner has purpose in the way I created it.

Once it’s cached it’s not a problem.

Every new banner that I come across does this…oh well.

If people don’t like animation you can disable that feature…some of us don’t care even if we have a slow connection.

Next time, I will forgo offering free services for anything if people are going to bitch about it. My graphics fees are $45.00 an hour…k?

I hope this will be sent to the pit now because I am fucking livid.

You try to do a nice thing for people and all a few can do is fucking bitch about it.

Well, sorry wolf if your computer can’t handle it, when apparently 99% of those responding aren’t having the same problem and have less resources available. Your computer set up is not my problem. You want technical advice, I charge $30.00 and hour for that.

handy, you bitched about it once, now basically said, “See I told you so” well fuck that attitude dude. I know about caching…I tested the files on my slow connection before releasing them. You always seem to have this negative attitude about everything.

I will be emailing Unca Beer to either move this thread or close it.

Shayna – you said exactly what I was thinking, but I held back, but until Mr. handy had to put a jab in his comment I was going to let it be. Thank you dear for your sentiments.

I also need to add that when I submitted this to the SD, I told them that if the file size was too large let me know and I would work on it. Apparently the file was in limits for their use.

SD People pages will not be finished…sorry folks but this attitude combined with trolls stealing pictures off my site make me not want to do anything like this again.

techie, I don’t blame you for being pissed off. I’m sorry you had to deal with this crap today. NOT what any of us needed.

I just emailed Uncle Beer, as well. He’ll forgive me – I’m a redhead. tee hee :wink:

Mind if I squeeze by with my two cents before this gets shut down?

The past week has been especially trying for each and every member of the SD community. Understandably, nerves are frayed. I would humbly ask everyone to pause and take a deep breath. Maybe even take a (salutary) break from the boards if need be.

Shayna, you handled our friend Wally’s passing with remarkable aplomb and the community at large is most grateful, as many have told you so in several threads.

Techchick, you’ve done excellent work on your tribute banner and believe me when I say we are deeply thankful. The time you spent has certainly not gone to waste.

My question (because I do have a question) is, will this be a permanent fixture or has the Chicago Reader donated the space for a limited period of time? (BTW, it seems to me like a nice gesture on their part). Should it be not permanent, I think we should devise something that would serve as a permanent reminder of our friend.

Remember now: Deep breaths.

I’ll take that as a compliment.


The Chicago Reader has offered the banner to be placed there for two weeks.

As for the rest of this:


You are absolutely right. wolf should have presented this as a question in ATMB, rather than bringing it in MPSIMS with a comment like “I think that the animated gif was made wrong consuming more memory than needed.” It’s never the fault of computer or user, always something external that is causing the problem. As a network consultant and a we designer, it’s always my fault your computer is fucked up.

Some of us tried to explain, but fell on deaf ears.

I will continue to work on the graphics for the Vegas shirts, and will still offer those for people that want to make their own tshirts.

The SDMB Men’s pages are now taken down.

If the banner was not a tribute to a man we all loved and cared I would immediately ask the SD to take if off there, but that is not what I want.

I may be reacting strongly but this was basically an assault on my design abilities. I may not be a professional graphics designer but I do have a knowledge that blows most of those I know out of the water, which includes my technical knowledge.

Next time you have a critism or concern, think it through. You must might find out that it’s your problem not ours.

You really are determined to toss gasoline on the fire, aren’t you? With a crashing total of 14 posts by which we can get to know you, you jump right in to make an unfortunate situation worse.

Exploiting disagreements and misunderstandings is crass.


If you read my original post, I was looking for a comprimise between the 2 arguements, shows me right eh? If I made it worse, well then sorry, but my intentions were to:

  1. Have a dedication to Wally
  2. Make it easier for people to view the pages
  3. Hope anyone would have compassion for a computer illiterate person.

I never said he was a bad man, nor did I say he didn’t deserve a dedication, the only thing you’re looking at is unessary anger and making an oppinion of me. I was told to “Fuck Off” based on the fact that I looked for a comprimise. You take only what you want to see, so you can be part of the majority. And the amount of posts I have SHOULD be irrelivant in this case, but it isn’t.

It’s almost like El Salvador here, if you have posts/popularity, then whatever you do/say is right.


You don’t get it do you?

99% of the people here are NOT having problems with the banner. In fact, several of them basically have computers that shouldn’t hardly be able to handle the internet at all.

As a network consultant this leads me to believe it is the users computer creating the problem.

We offered suggestions, it went on deaf ears. If people have a beef about something and don’t want solutions then why the hell bring it up to begin with?

Graphics on a web site are part of the deal. If they want text only pages then sign up for a local BBS.

This whole thread has become Pit material, which I have emailed both Unca Beer and Euty about this. I asked them to move it to the Pit or close it, not delete it.

Powerpuff, the moment you entered into this with your “Putz” remark you opened yourself up to remarks from other people. As in real life, if you get involved in a situation and use words in retaliation against another person (whether in the Pit or not) you have opened yourself up to having a reaction.

If you think that calling someone a Putz when it wasn’t your battle to begin with is okay without having a response, I think you need to go and play on the swingset. You say it, it will be responded to. K? Got it?

techchick, I just sent you an email to the address listed in your profile.

omni-not, thank you for your kind words.

Powder Keg, you’re a putz and an asshole, I don’t give a shit how many posts you have.

And since we’re now in the pit, it’s perfectly ok for me to say…

Buncha fucking moronic insensitive rat felching butt munching sock puppet trolls. Get the hell off our board!


I got your email but will have to stew over this a while.

I find it highly insulting when people essentially say " I told you so" knowing fully that after the initial load will not be a problem in the future. In addition, this person, if he really is a tech person, knows the problem is the computer, not the graphic. 31k file is not massive. If he’s so god damned annoyed by animated files, then turn the option off in your fucking browser. I can’t imagine what happens in his regular internet surfing experiences.

I also find it insulting that people would rather place blame than seek out the truth. In this case, the computer owner refused to see that it could have been a problem on his end and not with the web site. Never once did this person ask, only stated my graphic was hogging memory. If he’s so sure of his ability to deduce the problem, then he is surely smart enough computer wise to figure it out. Do you know where I am going with this?

It’s like telling your mechanic your brakes are screwed up because you have blue smoke coming out of your tail pipe, and insisting it is so. Anyone that knows cars, even on a small level, knows that there are several possiblities but it’s not the brakes, usually it’s a valve seal problem.

It’s things like that where I just wanna say “Fuck it”.

I am here to have laugh, cry and be pissed about everyday life. I am also here to try to contribute in a positive manner. When a few people screw with my contributions (which some troll-fuck did with the SDMB Men pages) I don’t want to be so kind.

Should everyone suffer because of a couple of people? No, but it sure diminishes your want to contribute in a way that helps the community.

I will rethink the SDMB People pages but know that I will think very hard about it after the last two episodes with regards to my web and design stuff.

Techchick FWIW, I am in awe of everything you have done for this board. I sincerely hope you rethink the people pages, I enjoyed them and was really looking forward to seeing the ladies page.
Don’t let these numbfuck, shit for brains, felching assholes ruin a good thing, k? The majority of us are deeply moved by your banner and highly appreciative of your pages.
Anybody who is not is cordially invited to fuck themselves with a tire iron.

You’re all right and I’m wrong.

Techchick, your banner is great and my computer is broken.

Shayna, You’re right I should have asked in the “About This Message Board” forum. I opened my big mouth too quickly and I apoligize for that.

Ok, it’s my problem, my computer sucks or somthing, I don’t know a hamburger from a HardDrive, I’m wrong and I have always been wrong.

I’m Sorry.

There is of course the possibility that one can be moved by the sentiment of the banner while simultaneously finding that the banner is causing their computer problems.

FYI, I myself have been having trouble since the new banner came up. The twinkle fade effect has caused my mouse to stutter across the screen and slowed my computer somewhat.

Let’s not take it personally, m’kay?

Um, techchick… what happened with the Men pages? I’m just curious, especially with the influx of trolls and sockies we had last week.


I was fine till handy put his comment in there…if you are having problems then email me and hopefully I can help you out.

Damn. Techchick, will you marry me? Your responses in this thread simply impressed the shit out of me. In addition to your talents at graphic design, you have a way with words that is rare even amongst Dopers. Veb rocks as well. I’m still bitter towards Shayna over losing SingleDad’s Imitation Bricker Challenge by a mere seven minutes, which were all spent composing my final answer list.