The Wally Banner

Although I did not have the pleasure of knowing Wally I am very saddened by his passing. I think the WallyM7 banner is a great idea and I would like to see it stay.

However, it seems that the animated wally banner is taking up A LOT of memory. In Netscape Navigator, with a few browser windows open containing the wally banner, my computer is slowed down. In Internet Explorer (cough, cough) with only two windows open my computer is slowed down to an unreasonable speed.

I think that the animated gif was made wrong consuming more memory than needed.
Please, don’t get me wrong, I would like to see the banner stay.

So turn off animations.

In IE: Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - then uncheck Play animations.

FWIW, it doesn’t seem to slow my connection down any more than the old ad banners did.

I’ve experienced the problem with this banner of not being able to see where I’m typing.

I fixed this by scrolling down so the banner doesn’t show. This may not work for other people, though.

Those of us with slower computers may be affected by the banner more than others, but I think if you scroll down so you can’t see the banner you won’t have a problem.

Addendum to mattk’s advice: After you turn off the animations in IE, you have to close the browser, then open it back up again to make the change.

I realize, as the creator of the banner, that the file size is big, but most animated banners are.

I am connected at 26.4. The banner is in my cache so once it loaded (which didn’t take very long really) it has not interfered with my SD experience.

I tested it in both IE 5.0 and Netscrape 4.5 before I loaded it to my website. Both of which ran it fine.

Also, if you have “check for newer versions of page” set to every visit, it will slow it down. In fact your entire internet experience will slow down.

All my settings are customized so you may want to tweak your settings.

Mattk, iampunha:
I’m NOT using IE.
In IE I only need to open one window and my computer is slowed down to a halt… luckly I’m using Netscape Navigator.

I have 128 megs of ram… an animated gif should cause these problems.

Did you do that in flash? If not how?

Where did everyone get the idea it has to do with my connection speed.
Well it doesn’t… If I had an OC3 connection I’d get the same thing…

Others must be seing this. It is EXTREAMLY obvious in Internet Explorer. If you’re fortunate enough to be using Netscape you may not notice unless you have a few windows opened.


As a matter of fact I am using IE, with the same amount of RAM as you etc…on a slow connection. All these thing are taken into factor when I create graphics for web pages…yes I do this for a living.

It is a gif format, created using a GIF animation program.

As a matter of fact, last night I had at least 4 SD pages open, Outlook, PIRCH (was in IRC last night) along with a few other pages…all told I had 13 windows open and no problems, in fact I even made a comment in the chat room about it.

It is not IE, it is the settings on your computer. If my system can handle 13 windows open, which includes Outlook and Outlook is a serious resource hog, I would say it has more to do with your setup.

If your browser is choking, you need to check your settings. The file itself is 31k in my cache, yes, this is big for a graphic but it is also an animated gif but not bad considering is has 47 frames per second.

Again, if it’s cached on your computer you will not have these problems.

No issues with the Wally banner here. Loads quick and smooth, works well, doesn’t slow down a thing and more pleasing to the eye from a design standpoint than the Rosenbaum banner (though Rosenbaum never made me sad).

Let me take this one, techchick (not that I’ll ever be able to fill the master’s shoes, but…)

Listen, wolfseyn, you big moron, you were told how to fix the problem you were having. CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS, DONKEY DONG!

If that’s too taxing a chore on your pea sized brain, then just shut the hell up and get out of here until the banner’s gone.


wolfseyn: I use a computer that probably ranks in the bottom 10th percentile for this board. P-100, 32 megs ram, 1.2 gig HD, Win95 OS, IE 5.01 browser.

I have been experiencing no unusual problems with the new banner. How big is your HD? If it isn’t very big, perhaps your browser’s cache settings are eating up too much space? That was just a guess, and a relatively uninformed one at that. It just might possibly be that your particular combination of hardware and software doesn’t like the animation, or something else is wrong, and the problems with the animation are merely a symptom of some other unrelated difficulty?

Just throwing my 2¢ into the mix.


I’m not having any troubles at all, FWIW. I love the banner and it’s not causing any schizophrenia in my computer.

It’s all good. :slight_smile:

Two things:

  1. The banner rocks. Kudos to techchick for her fine work.

  2. At first, I thought Shayna was calling wolfseyn Donkey Kong. I had a quick mental image of a short, big-nosed, overall wearing guy saying “Mama Mia!”, just before getting stomped by a 12 foot tall ape.

No, I’m not on drugs.

I recently joined this message board community and probably have been here for a lesser time than Shayna. But from what I’ve learned, childish comments belong in “the Pit”
Last time I checked, Shayna, we are not in “the Pit”.

The information I have received here to fix the problem did not help. Unfortunatly, in the real world, “CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS, DONKEY DONG!” does not help problems.

But I do thank other, more intellegent posters, for informing that they are not seeing this problem and the problem is my own.

Yes, he is. :wink:

Running fine and dandy here as well. Loverly work Techie. WTG Shayna. :wink:

My browser is having trouble with the banner to. Well now that I think about it, I’m with AOL and everything is trouble. Oh, and before Shayna jumps on me just let me say that it is a great banner and a fitting tribute to possibly the most liked poster that SDMB will ever have. Shayna you owe wolfeseyn an apology.

AOL is every web designer’s nightmare because AOL has butchered up IE so badly…

I apologize to any AOL user if it’s freaky…but I have not found the secrets of designing for AOL. Until AOL gets off their ass and gives their members a decent gateway to the internet and quit butchering up browsers I will not worry about it too much.

I have more problems with Netscape than IE, I can’t think of what is going to happen once it’s released in AOL’s software.

Aw, gee, you don’t say, wolfputz? Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t been around long enough to know where the hell I’m posting without your sorry ass filling me in. Gosh, what would I do without you?

Welcome to the boards. If you’re planning on sticking around, here are some things you should learn:

[li]We have a forum here called “About This Message Board.” Any technical problems you’re having, like with the pages loading slowly should be taken up there.[/li][li]When you do have a concern, address it in the form of a question about what can be done to resolve said tech problem or whether anyone else was actually experiencing it or not. You never even bothered to ask if anyone else was having this so-called problem. All I saw you do was bitch about the wonderful memorial banner and insult the designer, techchick. “I think that the animated gif was made wrong consuming more memory than needed.” Well, uhm, no it wasn’t.[/li][li]Don’t piss me off when it comes to the subject of Wally.[/li][li]If the mods don’t like the way I replied to you here, they can move the thread. If you don’t like it, you can bite me.[/li][/ul]


Enjoy your stay

FYI, I’m using AOL and I probably have the slowest, most dinosaur age computer of any of you - and the pages load extremely quickly without any problems for me!

I haven’t even UPGRADED to the version 5.0 yet - I’m still on their older version. I connect at 28.8 max, have only a 120 megahertz pentium processor and a measely 32 megs of RAM. And still, no problems.

If you aren’t happy with how AOL’s internal IE browsers are working, just use it to connect and open IE as a separate browser. Like that took a rocket scientist to figure out.


I’m also running on a fairly slow setup right now (166MHz, 33.6 modem connection, and only 32MB RAM), and the banner is giving me no problems whatsoever, even though I have several windows open and other applications running.

wolfseyn, I mentioned that the banner slows things down before they decided on it, but did they listen to me? Ha! But once you get it in your cache, the next time you come back it should be faster.