Remember Wally?

At one point, before a hard disk on another computer died, I had a transcript of the much-regretted Wally’s conversation with a girl on a sex phone line.

Does anyone have a copy of that? It was so funny… I read some of his posts years ago, when I was a lurker, right after he died, as a matter of fact.

Wally plagarized that post from another online source. Then he faked his own “death” after being caught in an cyber affair with another poster. Google it. The real author was quite pissed and this is something that TPTB don’t want anyone to post about. Or, you can look up Heloise’s posts about it (Coldfire’s wife).

You’re welcome.

Thanks, Zhen’ka. I missed some of that, obviously. If TPTB wish to delete this thread, it’s fine by me. I’m surprised and disappointed. To think that a friend of mine and I both were saddened by Wally’s “death”… <feeling like an idiot>

Whoa, I don’t remember the affair!

Huh, so that’s the story. I was around during the Wally years and being saddened by his death. I also remember some posts later that questioned this but they were usually disappeared so I never got the full story.

I never understood why anyone thought that was real in the first place. It was amusing enough, but even when I read it the first time, I never doubted that it was a joke. I didn’t realize he’d plagiarized it, but it was clearly not an actual transcript of an actual conversation.

I don’t have a copy, but searching for it turned up this (no nudity, but maybe not safe for work if anyone can hear your computer).

No luck on Google, or Heloise’s posts.

Give us a hint? Link?

I missed the ending!

Wait, what? Wally died, or he did something bad and pretended to die, or he never existed at all (meaning everything he wrote was a persona), or what?

He died right before I joined this board, I think, and I remember everyone mourning him. Now we’re saying he wasn’t the beloved great guy everyone remembers, but some big jerk?

I am confused.

Gang, just do a search on WallyM7. You’ll find all the previous discussion you want, except the thread that notified us of his ‘death.’ That one’s lost to the ages. But, basically, his death was announced by a former admin (and current member) based on a phone call from another (and also current) member, based on an email the member received from Wally’s “daughter” AmyM5. As I’ve said before, the evidence for Bigfoot, Nessie, and the gunman on the grassy knoll is far more convincing.

:smack: M7

What exactly was this strange accident? All I read was that he had one at work – not the details.

Didn’t he fall off a ladder?

Death be not plagiarized

It involved a fork lift and some kind of heavy machinery/equipment that came loose. Crushed like a can of pineapples, he was.

Ah! That opens up another can of [del]worms[/del] pineapples. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Soviet Russia, cans of pineapples open up you.

“Popular humor site”?
We’re a gawddam “Popular Humor Site”?


Yeah, we’re not popular! :mad:

Where’s Wally?

… sorry, had to. It’s the law, I swear it.