"The War on Errorism"

Anyone heard NOFX’s new CD?

I’m surprised that at their age, the members of NOFX are still rocking out as hard as ever. What’s even better is their noticable disdain for the Bush administration, and the music has become extremely political, something which apparently has not happend with them before. I must say this CD great. Go buy it if you like punk, and especially if you hate Bush.

Thanks, now I know what CD to avoid buying.

Thanks for informing me to avoid NOFX’s new CD, ** xgxlx **.

Shhh, don’t let Reeder know that Bush’s success is due to his connections with the Old Ones…

My friend bought me this CD Monday night, and I hafta say, it’s great. All the songs are great, xgxlx is right in that its great that NOFX has been around so long and is still so great. Plus I love me some Bush-hatred.

Hatred is always stupid, no matter who’s doing it. It makes the hater less of a person and doesn’t affect the hated in the least.

From American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)

A little hate is not so bad, when directed at injustice and evil doers
You can turn the other chek, but don’t turn the other way; indifference is our biggest threat

Actually, I would say that this cd is more mocking than hateful. And they’re pretty much equal opportunity mockers-see Anarchy Camp.

I love these guys.

Hate is usually not a good thing, but when the haters are running the show, you can’t beat them with civility. They’ll leave you dead and flat in the slow lane.

Hate is never a good thing. When you take the tactics of those you think are evil, you become just like them.
Now, of course, the President is neither a hater nor evil, so you’re living in a fantasy world from word one, but if you were correct about them, you’d still be wrong, ethically.

Thanks for the heads up xgxlx, I’ll probably buy it next month.

As for the narrow-minded idiots…:rolleyes:
(yeahhh NOFX are huge on hate-speech. HUGE. They’re a serious hating kind of band, don’t you know)

I have the CD, I absolutely love it. One of my favourite CD’s of the year (I know, it’s been a bad year, but still it’s really good). Any band that can mix politics and music, and still write good songs, is #1 in my book. And it’s a welcome change from hearing Good Charlotte or Simple Plan on the radio, all the time.

Hmmm…so someone who says it’s bad to hate is now a “narrow minded idiot?” Interesting.

I like Bush(well, I don’t hate him anywhere near as much as Fat Mike does) and I like this CD. I’m so confused.

I think His Shrubbiness is far from the best or worst this country’s ever seen, and I like NOFX’s style of punk (well, mostly). I might buy it if Epitaph isn’t connected to the RIAA.

The new Rancid album is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and NOFX’s latest album isn’t on Epitaph. They released it on their own label, Fat Wreck Chords.

thanks, now I know which posters to disregard/ignore/not take seriously.

now go listen to whatever elite (i’m sure) music you like, kick your feet up and pop another centrum gold. Stop being a negative nancy it will kill your geritol buzz.

“dinosaurs must die”
-fat mike

Woo Banger, woo. The new Rancid record is good stuff.

I’ve only heard a few tracks from War on Errorism, but I liked it. Solid rock and roll.

Sorry if it’s been mentioned before, but I figured I’d bring up–The Rock Against Bush tour presented by NOFX:

Fat Mike could’ve been way more eloquent in that piece than he was…

ROFLMAO! “Elite music” huh?
Lessee…the last three songs I listened to via CD were: Andrew WK’s “Party Hard,” SR-71’s “Let it Whip” and Godsmack’s “Serenity.”

Not going to get into the Bush debate (I don’t much care for him either but Fat Mike has been just plain immature in regards to him for a few years now) but I have to take issue with this comment…

Have you ever listened to NOFX before?

Let’s see…album title Liberal Animation (“Animal Liberation”), songs like Perfect Government and Reeko, and howzaboot their 18-minute political opus The Decline?