The Washington Generals

So, I was thinking about the Harlem Globetrotters this morning and I started to wonder: do the Washington Generals (their traditional opponents) do anything other than play the Globetrotters? Are they the most famous representatives of some obscure Minor League of basketball that gets no billing? Or are they just the world’s biggest bunch of paid losers (besides Congress, that is)?

Apparently, the Washington Generals are no more, according to this link at least:

Seems to indicate that the Generals were not part of any league.

You may want to check out this thread on The Globetrotters. Also, there’s a short one regarding the Washington Generals. There’s links in the threads to the Globetrotters web page that should help.

For what it’s worth, the Washington Generals had no fixed roster. Oh, they had some players who travelled from city to city with the Globetrotters, but in every city the Globetrotters visited, locals were recruited to become Washington Generals for a night.

Some of those locals were guys who’d played a little high school or college basketball and thought it would be fun. Others were local minor celebrities. For instance, several years ago, an Austin disc jockey was a Washington General (he scored 2 points, and hasn’t stopped gloating about it).

In any case, though there were some genuinely talented players on the Washington Generals, they were NOT a real team- their sole purpose was to let the Globetrotters make fun of them!

Thanks, guys. That’s actually more interesting than the possible answers I had in mind.