The weather was PERFECT (or terrible) every single time I've ______.

Last night I got to see Kesha in concert, the fourth time I’ve seen her perform! And every single time, the weather was just PERFECT (not too hot, humid, or cold, and no threat of rain whatsoever). Even when I saw her in Tampa in late June a few years ago, the weather was just right. I am convinced that this is NOT a coincidence. God is a Kesha fan.

Do you have any similar experiences, either with perfect weather or terrible weather every single time you’ve done something? The closest example of bad weather for me was when I was little (up to age 12 or so). Just about every time I had to go to the dentist, it would be cloudy.

It seems like every time we went on a canoe trip in southern Missouri over Memorial Day weekend, it rained at least one day. Not just rained a bit, but rained essentially all day and more than just a sprinkle.

I occasionally have to drive on I-81 through Pennsylvania. The weather always is terrible, either snow, or pouring rain, or so windy it feels like the car is getting blown off the road.

The weather was PERFECT every time I’ve gone to England!

I’ve been to England for three vacations, each about 10 days, each day full of sunshine, blue skies, gentle breezes and perfect temperatures.

I’ve been given the same warning numerous times:

Native British person: you’re lucky you’ve got the beautiful weather today! Too bad it’s not going to last, supposed to rain tomorrow!

The weather has been stinking miserable every time I’ve been to Europe. Warnings about heat stroke are posted at subway entrances. Trains are shut down because the tracks weren’t designed to handle the heat, and have buckled. Power stations blow up from the strain of supporting all three portable air conditioners in town, so everyone’s without electricity for twelve hours and the water treatment center is compromised and I spend the next week puking my guts out.

I know it’s not you, Europe. Obviously it’s me. Because it happens every time, and every time you swear it’s never happened before.

There is a certain combination of women, who when we travel together, bring rain to deserts, hurricanes to islands and blizzards to snow deprived towns. We have managed to change weather forecasts multiple time. We have had one trip where we were unable to change the weather and it was perfect, but it was the exception that proves the rule :slight_smile:

Back when I lived in semi-arid Montana (for 13 years), it always rained on Memorial Day. Sometimes an all-day downpour, sometimes just a light morning drizzle, but it always rained.

We also almost always had a white Halloween, but there were a few exceptions to that.

I won’t say terrible but almost every time I ride my motorcycle through Ohio I get rained on. Last time there was a 10% chance of rain and every piece of sky you could see was clear and blue. Basically there was one cloud over Rte 7 and as I passed under it dumped on me. :smack: My reputation is so bad that Ohio biker friends will call and ask me if I was to come visit any time they are having a drought.

For years, my Dad had to drive from Pamplona to San Sebastián with the payroll calculations and come back with the money. Every single time he went, it rained all the time (not much a surprise for the northern coast of Spain).

Every single time I’ve been in San Sebastián it’s been sunny.

The one time we went together it was one of those showers and sun days. Apparently the weather was just confused :smiley:

Three years in a row we’d rent a lake beach house for three days and plan for late July or early August. And each year we’d get an unseasonably cool snap where the best you could do was walk barefoot on the shore while wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt. Finally we just stopped trying and wait for a hot weekend day to drive out to the beach.

I have gone to 3 NASCAR Cup races over the years. Sonoma, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Rain have affected all 3 races. Qualifying was interrupted at Sonoma, Phoenix was called just after the half way point and Las Vegas had 2 rain delays and ended just after midnight.

The weather has been perfect every time I’ve been in a bar.

There is an old saying, “it never rains in the bar”.

This year I had my 4th annual Kids Party where I set up a fun party in my backyard for my friends and their kids. It includes a bounce house and a bounce waterslide, neither of which can be out in the rain.

Even though it’s been hella hot every year, and even though there has been a chance of rain, it never rains on Kids Party day!!

Same here. I went to London on numerous occasions both for work and play, and never had a nasty day.

I went to Haines, Alaska for a week back in the 90s and it was brilliant sunshine the entire time. If you are at all familiar with Southeast Alaska, you’re muttering “LIAR!” right about now.

Every time I’ve been to Seattle, it’s been nice and sunny.

I don’t know why everyone complains…

Same here, I have been 3 times and each time it has been 75 and sunny.

Every single time I go camping it rains. Not just “is that a sprinkle?” More like, “Holy, hell, did we bring the ark?” Once time I was camping in Caladonia State Park which butts up again a mountain side when a horrible storm swept through–lightening, wind, torrential downpour, the whole bit. Thank god I’d invested in a damned good tent by that point and we were dry that night. Next day? Sunshine and beautiful.

I’m going to the Mother Earth News Fair next month in Seven Springs, PA (and camping, of course) and it’s likely it’ll rain at least once while I’m there. Which reminds me…it’s time to coat the tent with waterproof spray again…

You’ve clearly never visited the Merry Merkin at Fort Ti once all the tourists go home. :smiley:

Its basically some crates and barrels outside at an event known for getting rained on


You haven’t been to the classy places I’ve been to, then.

My birthday always has horrible weather. Every time. I had one outside party when I was a kid. Once it snowed, in South Carolina.

Granted, my birthday is in February. But it’s unusually bad weather, every single time.