The Whiteboard

Any fans of the paintball-related webcomic The Whiteboard here? It’s been almost three weeks since I was last able to connect to the strip or to Doc’s Machine - is the site down or does it just hate me?

It’s been updating mostly on time Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

That’s the URL I use, but it’s not working. Whether I use the link in your post, Google “The Whiteboard” (or “Doc’s Machine”) and click on one of the links, or type the URL in myself, after almost a minute of waiting I get:

This webpage is not available

Can you try from another location? Workplace or library? Something must be blocking the connection at one end or the other. Can you mark the site as trusted with your firewall or something?

Maybe you could email and ask if your ip is blocked for some reason. Copied from the “Contact Us” page: