The Wikipedia Game

Malicious compliance --> Sabotage --> Coup d’etat --> Martial law --> Curfew

Curfew --> Curlew

Malicious compliance > Sabotage > Politics > Curfew

Ancient Egyptian units of measurement > Germania (stamp)

Curfew > Chertsey > Surrey > Essex > Colchester > Colchester Zoo > Curlew

AEW&M > Tutankhamun > George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon > Bad Schwalbach > Germany > Deutsche Post AG > Deutsche Post (brand) > Deutsche Bundespost > Postage stamps and postal history of Germany > Germania (stamp)

That was a tough one! Very accommodating of Lord Carnarvon to have a car crash in Germany!

Next, that pinnacle of human achievement: 2001 Japanese Football League.

Germania (stamp) > German Empire > Germany > FIFA World Cup > 2002 FIFA World Cup > Japan national football team > Japan Football League > 2001 Japan Football League

I’m sure it could be shaved a bit.

2001 Japan Football League> Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia

2001 Japan_Football_League > Honda F.C. > Honda > Motorsport > Horse racing > American Quarter Horse > Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia

How about:

Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia to Bugbear

Huh. coding error up there. Between Honda FC and Motorsport there should be Honda.

I thought this one was impossible for a while, but I finally did it. Albeit, with lots of links.

Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia -> American Quarter Horse -> Horse -> Mythology -> Video Game -> Video Game Genres -> Dungeons & Dragons -> Orc (Dungeons & Dragons) -> Goblin (Dungeons & Dragons) -> Bugbear (Dungeons & Dragons) -> Bugbear


Lets try…

Bugbear -> Top Quark

I got there by way of U Cal Davis -> their sports league -> Baseball -> Boston Red Sox -> Curt Schilling -> Forgotten Realms -> a few dungeons and dragons links.

Leaving Bugbear -> Top Quark

Bugbear > Metaphor > World Hypotheses> Logical Positivism>Metaphysics> Matter > Top Quark

It would have been much tougher without the initial link to Metaphor I think.

Top Quark > Ragazzi di vita

Top Quark–>CERN–>Italy–>Italian Literature–>Pier Paolo Pasolini–>Ragazzi di vita

Ragazzi di vita to Brine shrimp

Ragazzi di vita > Dean Moriaty > Salt Lake City> Great Salt Lake > Brine shrimp
Brine shrimp > Mark Wolstenholme

lisiate that was epic. I too got there through the great salt lake, but through MANY more links.

lisiate, I can’t find ANY pages that link to Mark W… hopefully someone else does!

Sheer luck on the link to the On the Road Character got me there.

Sorry about the impossible goal - not even his own brother’s page links to him! I just use random article until I find a decent sized page to set the target.

There are a few links to him though - I had to cheat and use the “What links here?” tool

Just to show it can be done:

Brine Shrimp> Animalia> Insect > cricket (insect) > cricket > Yorkshire County Cricket Club> Northamptonshire County Cricket Club> Friends Provident Trophy> 1999 Natwest Trophy> Mark Wolstoneholme

Wolstoneholme got 2/33 in Northamptonshire’s 2 wicket loss to Wiltshire in that competition.

I saw the 1999 Natwest Trophy page too, but it doesn’t include him in the main text, only in a table below. So can’t be used according to the standard rules… :frowning:

Oh and next one -

Mark Wolstenholme > Batman: Cataclysm

Bugger, I think that makes him an orphan page then, as the other links are the same (and a user page).

How did you know I was a bugger!? :slight_smile: (Feel free to create an in-text link to him in one of the apropriate pages… perhaps the city he is from, they have a section of famous people from their town)