The Wikipedia Game

I did a bit of searching to see if this had been done here recently, and didn’t turn up anything. Apologies if so.
Let’s play the Wikipedia Game, SDMB Edition!

I’m sure most of you have already played this, but here are the rules I’m suggesting.

The goal is to link two seemingly unrelated wikipedia articles by following in-text links only. The first person to find and document their link trail from one to the other gets to define the topics for the next round.


Britney Spears >>>Category 5 Cable

So, starting with the Britney Spears article, I have to try to get to Category 5 Cables by following only in-text hyperlinks to other Wikipedia articles. At no point should I ever type anything in, click on any external links, etc. Every link clicked has to go to another Wikipedia article, and they can’t come from anywhere except the main body of the text (no portal links, footnotes, tables, image captions, disambiguation, etc). I then have to document each step here to show you how I got from one to the other.

Britney Spears > Teen pop > Auto-Tune > Synthesizer > Personal Computer > Local Area Network > Category 3 Cable > Category 5 Cable

…and I’m done! I think it would be fun to start the next point from where we stopped, but I’ll leave it up to each winner to decide whether they want to only define the new end-point, or to define both end and start points.

Bonus points if you don’t have to go through a field of study or philosophy! :smiley:

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the two following subjects:

Meat >>> TARDIS

Good Luck!

I don’t know if I’m supposed to add one after getting it… maybe you can just do it again since I don’t have many ideas at the moment?

Meat → Old English → Old English Literature → England → Trafalgar Square → Doctor Who → TARDIS

Nice work Tad!

yes it was my intent for the winner to come up with the next endpoint (or new endpoint and start point)

Since you say you aren’t feeling creative I’ll come up with the next two.



That was kind of tricky because meteorology and weather mentioned wind, but nobody bothered to put links. I presume it’s cheating to edit the page to add links?

How about wind–>Bastille Day

Wind -> Civilization -> French Revolution -> Storming of the Bastille -> Bastille Day

What about…

Bastille Day -> Stalactite

Bastille Day > Storming of the Bastille > Fortress > Defensive Wall > Masonry > Limestone > Stalactite

How about Play-Doh > Omoiyari Yosan

Took me a while but I got it!!! Lots of links though…

Bastille Day -> France -> Mont Blanc -> Hiking -> Natural Environment -> Rock (geology) -> Mining -> Limestone -> Cave -> Stalactite
I’m sure someone could do better than that… that’s a lot of links.

Let’s do…

Stalactite-> United States Declaration of Independence

ETA: Ninja’d by a few seconds!!! Do the one above instead of mine. Did better with the link count too, I see!

Play-Doh -> United States -> Japan-United States relations -> United States Forces Japan -> Omoiyari Yosan

Woot! Only 4 links. Good for me :smiley:

Let’s do

Omoiyari Yosan -> SysRq

Heh. Japan-US relations. Heh.

Took a few more steps that the last one.

Omoiyari Yosan -> United States Forces Japan -> Communications security -> Computer -> Computer keyboard -> SysRq
Lets try:

SysRq -> The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

SysRq > Mainframe computer > United Kingdom > T.S. Eliot > The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Countries are so cheap :slight_smile:

Nicely done! Give us another round to play!

Sorry, forgot to add that:

Schwa > Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia

Schwa -> Malay Language -> Malaysia -> Constitution of Malaysia -> Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia

Let’s try this one:

Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia -> Intercrural sex

Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia > Constitution of Malaysia > Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia > Public morality > Homosexuality > Intercrural sex

Intercrural sex > Treaty 7

Intercrural sex > Japan > hunter-gatherer > aboriginal peoples in canada > treaty 7

How bout treaty 7 > Ikarus Bus

For $200 Alex

Treaty 7 -> Canadian Royal Family -> Hungarian -> Hungary -> Budapest -> Ikarus

Next up: Ikarus Bus -> Caesar Salad

Ikarus Bus --> Monaco --> France --> Olive Oil --> Salad dressing --> Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad -> Malicious compliance

Caesar salad --> Prohibition in the United States (Prohibition) --> American Mafia --> Trade union (labor union) --> Strike action (strike) --> Work-to-rule --> Malicious compliance

Try this:
Malicious compliance --> curfew

(Above I show linking word in parentheses where it differs from Article Name.)