The Wildest Bill precedent, and what it means for the "don't be a jerk" rule

My understanding is that Wildest Bill was banned, at least in part, for repeatedly making up lies about other people (again, this is meant as a statement of my understanding, not of the situation). So does this means that lying about other posters is a bannable offense?

Just don’t claim those “Mexican Fat Burners™” were mine.

Gotcha Ya!

Ican’t help wondering if this thread is a prelude to The Ryan claiming that a fellow poster is lying about him and calling for their banning…

Oh, I am sure it is reprise, but I just can’t help using a couple of “Billisms” when ole WB is mentioned. :slight_smile:

I seem to remember him… Who was that guy?

I assume so, but - and you know there’s always a “but” - you have to keep in mind that it’d probably take a lot of mounting evidence to prove that someone was out-and-out lying, as opposed to being a victim of a misunderstaning.


My understanding is that WB was banned for repeatedly posting judgmental threads (of the ilk “why shouldn’t we just kill all the Muslims then?”).

I think people could be banned for slander (or is it libel?) against other posters, but I would imagine it would depend on what they actually alleged, to a large extent, so a serious and persistent untrue claim that another poster has sex with goats might be treated differently to a claim that a different poster is so lovely that he must be made of marshmallow (even thought it is equally untrue). It all boils down, I suppose, to how offensive is a doper’s behaviour.

That’s my view anyway (all the standard disclaimers apply).

I’m gonna try it (take heed MODS)…


Now I’ll just sit back and wait to be banned.

No, let me try.

Spoofe secretly yearns to own an iMac!!! And Spoofe puts goat’s milk in his chicken soup! And he envisions Groucho Marx wearing a beaded evening gown!

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Oh, yeh Yosemite? You reckon THAT’S bad?

I have heard from a Very Reliable Source


that Spoofe has nocturnal ommissions (he forgets the sheila’s name at the critical moment!!) :eek:

WTF happened then??

And from yet another source very close to home, I hear he has a thing about toothbrushes too…
But don’t tell the mods I said anything.

Where are you people getting your information?!?

Uh, I mean…

Lies! All of it! Damned lies, too, as Samuel Clemens would say! Damned lies and statistics!

::looks around nervously::

Hell, I can top that.

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Ah, so you have a prediliction for STATISTICS too do ya? Now that just makes the picture even more sordid Spoofe.
Statistics, damned goats milk, and toothbrushes.
We’ve got your number.

Actually, as I remember it, the issue wasn’t at all about Bill posting stuff about other posters, but that he posted (continually) essentially ‘trolling’ threads - “why can’t the dems see that clintno is a lying creep” “how come towel heads don’t wash them?” and that sort of thing.

I don’t recall any specific statements against other posters.

and yes, I’d assume that this thread’s speculation would be a prelude to… ‘then how come so and so gets to say that I’m such and such’.

Ryan, if anyone here believed lies had been told about you, they’d be quick take the offender to task. Unfortunately for you, that is not what happened. You have been accurately, if unflatteringly, characterized. I’m sure you will try to weasel out of any accusations by deconstructing the language therein, but I think some people are trying tell you that they are sick of that modus operandi and it doesn’t carry the weight that you think it does.

Was it not him acting the bollocks in a GQ tread that finally got the silly fucker banned?

Straw breaking the camels back etc.


manhattan Gotcha Ya!

As a matter of fact, I don’t EVER recall WB posting anything slanderous about other posters. In fact, as I recall, he didn’t really seem to keep track of other posters at all. (To be fair, I can never remember who’s who either.)

He was banned for posting one non-GQ thread after another in GQ, IIRC.

But sure, as to the OP, why wouldn’t lying about other posters conceivably be a bannable offense? If someone’s being a legitimate JERK and won’t lay off, kick 'em out.

Did you know that 94.28% of all statistics are made up one the spot?