The will to eat, the will to mate.

I have known quite a few cats in my lifetime, and they have shown the most amazing will to eat or mate. There was one cat that I saw who couldn’t walk well at all, as he had an injured leg, yet would still have sex with one female for upwards of an hour straight, and defend her fiercely all the same.

Also, a rat recently crawled (was chased) into our crawlspace through a hole in the wall approximately 1 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. We have a relatively small (but adult) female cat who knows about this. She wasn’t the same cat who chased the rat into the crawlspace, so she must be able to smell him. What is amazing is seeing her try to squeeze into the crawlspace. It is like seeing a contortionist in action. She flattens her body, positions her limbs, and does anything she can to try to get as far as she can into the crawlspace. She is obviously not small enough to get all the way in, but it seems that either she doesn’t it or doesn’t care. She smells that rat, and she’s going to get it, gosh dangit.

Not quite as amazing is our old cat, smokie, who, while not performing feats to have sex and get food, would eat any food that you weren’t in the same room as. If you went to the bathroom, your food would be gone when you came back. He once took a bite out of a chocolate cake. Not the corner of it, which seems like it would be the most biteable. He dug his face straight into the top of the cake.

What experiences have you had with animals and their will to eat or mate? What extents have they gone to?


“doesn’t know it”

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I had a cat, Pumpkin, who loved salsa. She would stick her face into the open mouth of the jar and lick at the salsa. When she took her face out, she would have a ring of salsa around her head. She also luvre’s ham. I mean really loves ham. Like as in sprinting from another room as soon as a ham type product crosses the threshold of the house. She gets her own slice of ham at Christmas every year too. Even if I have to bring it to my mom’s house from PA. She tried to open the oven door one Christmas while the ham was still cooking. She could smell it, and she had seen it go in the oven, and gosh darnit, she wanted that ham. I had to cut a small piece off to placate her until te rest of the ham was finished cooking.

There’s two things in life I have never turned down.

Before Gweniever had her spay surgery she was the worst slut of a cat I have ever seen or heard. When her ear-splitting requests to “go oouuuuut NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW” were denied, she would throw herself on her back in the middle of the living room floor, where she would writhe and moan. It was a cross between funny and scary. We called her “Playcat”.

I had one cat that was devoted to cashew nuts. When she heard me unscrew the lid, she would haul ass from wherever she was in the house and try to knock the jar out of my hand. I learned real quick to get her tribute out of the jar and in place before she arrived on the scene (about 2.6 seconds after the first sound :smiley: ) so that I could eat in peace.

I’ve had 2 cats, unrelated, who loved canteloupe.
One would scratch the stainless steel refrigerator door, :eek: hoping to get to the melon.
When I cleaned the canteloupe, I’d have to shut the cat in the bathroom, for fear he’d reach into the garbage disposal. Yes, he tried once. He jumped straight into the sink, and almost had a paw down the drain before I could catch him. After that close call, I took no chances.
He always got a bite or two, or I would have had to lock him up so I could eat it!

I have a cat who is mad about corn on the cob, green beans and his favorite treat of them all, Vaseline. I have to hide the Vaseline jar from him and if he sees it, he immediately runs to it and starts rubbing against it and purring, then he’ll meow until I open the jar. I’ll put a little bit on my finger and let him lick it and when it’s gone, he’ll beg for more. As a nice side effect, the little guy has never had a fur ball problem.

My cats go absolutely wild for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. As soon as they hear the can pop, they’re twining around my feet with the “Moooooommmmmmy, pleeeeeeeeease” meows. After seven years, Khan has begun to understand that they’re better cooked, but Sirius is still a young’un (albeit a fat’un, as well), and he wants his fluffy, buttery goodness now.

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