The Wine Dark Sea-Question and spoilers

Why does Aubrey take the launch to pursue Duturd to Callao rather than Surprise?

I believe it’s because the Surprise is cleaning up a little after the run-in with the pirates. Jack has concerns about the Sethian’s being too sympathetic to Dutourd, so he takes a spare nephew in the boat’s crew. Jack is expecting a quick run to shore, but the storm puts them where they don’t want to be.

I’m cycling through again, so I’m one book behind you.

Book? Movie? TV show? Video game? Podcast? Comic book? Pop song?

No thanks, I just had a bar of soap.

Is book by Master and Commander author

Ah. The title is a Joyce reference (with, although, a classical antecedent), so it piqued my curiosity, but I had no idea what it referred to.

I think Patrick O’Brian lifted the title from some description of a volcanic eruption at sea.

Thanks, parsnip. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve been through them.

No soap, radio.

The Wine Dark Sea.

Principally because of the weather. This is the relevant passage:

I was about to post that the title came from Homer when I clicked on irishgirl’s link. Nice site, thanks!

Thanks, Xema, and thanks, Irishgirl.