The Without a Trace 2/17 I fell asleep thread (spoilers)

Title pretty much says it all: Please spoil the end for me. I saw the

Britneybased girl get kidnapped, the webcast with a countdown, the indulgent financial lady. Britney needed 100K

So…was she kidnapped or was it publicity? Who did it and why?

I am not a WTfanboy, but Iwatch it now and then. It looked fun, before I fell totally asleep and missed the msytery solved!

Hmmm…not sure if you saw the flashback scene at the book signing, so we’ll take it from there:

Paris Hilton…err, I mean Chelsea Prince was doing a book signing (she wrote a book on makeup tips for nine-year-olds, apparently) when Psychoboy storms to the front of the line and calls her a worthless POS because she never took the time to answer any of the letters his sister wrote to her. It seems that this caused his sister to commit suicide*.

Chelsea takes this quite badly, and decided that since throwing money at a problem is always the best solution, she gets the 100 grand and gives it to Psychoboy. He tells her to fuck off, but she leaves the money in his mailbox anyway.

It’s a good thing he checks his mail before the postman arrives, because he finds the cash and uses it to bribe Chelsea’s driver to assist in the kidnapping.

Jack and the team manage to trace the web traffic, and determine there area where Psychoboy is holed up with his webcam. Uh oh! The timer runs out, and voting public says that Chelsea is taking up perfectly good oxygen that could be put to better use. Meanwhile, Jack and crew find the building they’re in, and follow Chelsea’s screams. Psychoboy has slit her writs (the same way his sister died…how poignant!), but at the last second, Jack and crew burst in, save Chelsea, and arrest Psychoboy.

Chelsea decides to dedicate herself to helping young people, presumably in a non-make-yourself-look-like-a-teen-whore kind of way.

Oh yeah…almost forgot…Viv had to stop and catch her breath during the chase with Psychoboy. Looks like her illness is getting worse! (Dum dum duuuuuuum!!!)
*Yes, having her teen-slut idol not respond to letters caused her to kill herself – not her mother dying, having a father in prison, and being raised by a psychopath. No, of course not.

I was also kinda dozing off near the end, and didn’t catch whether she was actually still alive when they were wheeling her out on the stretcher. Actually it would be kind of cool if they left that somewhat ambiguous.

Her head wasn’t covered, and I think there was an IV of some kind. The implication was that she was going to be okay.

Thanks for the summary, Hal Briston. I fell asleep as well, right after they first saw the website showing that the voting public was narrowly willing to vote “Chelsea Prince” off the planet. Unconsciousness must’ve been my body’s self defense reaction to the “Paris Hilton” factor.