The woman who almost killed Martin Luther King

TSG has a pretty interesting article about now-98-year-old Izola Curry, who stabbed MLK with a letter opener in 1958. She was committed and everybody pretty much forgot about her, until they tracked her down to a nursing home in Queens.

Its disturbing to imagine a civil rights movement with Dr King. I have a bad feeling it would have been quite violent and would have torn this country apart. Dr King’s belief in non violent protest and using the courts to force change was essential. Thurgood Marshall and Dr King made such a powerful team. Marshall battled in court to get permits to march and hold local police accountable to protect those marchers. It kept much of the violence away.

make that…Its disturbing to imagine a civil rights movement **without **Dr King.

Edit time out screwed me.

An episode of history that I had no idea whatsoever about.

Huh. I was just at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis not too long ago, and don’t recall seeing a single word about that attack.

Nor I. I love learning little bits of history like this.

I read about this a month or so back. There is a rather graphic picture, to which I won’t link because I can’t figure out the noparse thing.


You could put the link inside a “spoiler” tag, so that you would still comply with the “two click” rule, adding a warning text in the message body saying something like “caution: link to a very graphic and disturbing image within the spoiler”, or something.

Call me morbid but you’ve piqued my interest about that particular photo :slight_smile:

(And being the son of a doctor and a nurse who had read his father’s library of medical books by age 14, I probably -probably- wouldn’t be grossed out)