The world doesn't care about just 'merica, Bush!

So I’m over here in a hotel in Beijing. They have channels in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and French. I’m watching the news about the London bombings, and the only caption I’ve gotten to see of the US reaction is Bush going on in some “This is our house!” Rant about terrorists and how we won’t allow them to come in and do the same thing that has happened in Britain. Now I haven’t gotten too much information about the series of bombings, but why in the Fuckin’ world would he not mention Britain in a press release about London?!?! WTF?? I mean seriously, this was crazy. The least he could have done was mentioned we are empathetic about the previous deaths and mention he’s glad that this potential tradegy may aid in the fight against religious extremists. Way to not even give your biggest supporter a mention.

I’ve been overall supportive of Bush, perhaps even more than is rational. But this next move is just another one of his anti-diplomatic moves. Kudos to how Blair is handling things though, it seems like he’s trying a real grass roots approach.

(Ok, maybe this doesn’t have the flaming chunks of feces I intended to throw, but damnit bush! The whole world is watching LONDON, the least you can do is show a lil support)

It’s not just Bush. Obviously you weren’t watching CNN the day of the bombings – after a couple of hours or so, as far as I can tell, they went from covering the bombings to squawking about security in New York City, at which point I turned the TV off (I’d only had it on in the background anyway). Because it’s all about us, doncha know, even if it’s another country that was actually bombed this time.

I had to look it up for myself. The only public statement I could find that Bush made today is here. It includes comments about terrorism in a speech to the Organization of American States re: CAFTA. What you saw on t.v. is therefore probably a snippet of this section:

So, just to clarify, Bush isn’t really making a statement about London at all. He’s perhaps obliquely referencing the London attacks in a speech about the economies of the Americas.

Maybe it would have been good diplomacy to come out with a statement of support and sympathy, but frankly since there weren’t any casualties I’m not sure a statement from the President would have been a good thing. It might have given the attacks more of an aura of threat and gravity for the President to comment on them directly.