The world needs a yellow "Streaming for dummies" book

I was found a place that was streaming MSNBC and watched the show from 1100-1200 am daily for a couple of months. Then it froze up for a couple of days and disappeared. I went to Google and found another. Why?

CSPAN is almost flawless every day. Some network programs are of fair to good audio and video quality most days. Discover and E! are unwatchable. Why?

The world needs a yellow “Streaming for dummies” book

Bandwidth and computer load–on both sides. If you have too slow a connection or too slow a computer, you can have problems with streams that have higher requirements… If they have too much bandwidth and server load, they can have problems with everyone.

Unless you mean for the people who set up these things, there’s really no reason for a book, as there are only two things you can do about it–pay for more bandwidth or upgrade your computer.

I personally can’t watch stuff from the WB. Luckily, there are other ways to watch stuff. But the dubious and outright black morality would make making a book nigh impossible.

Until I opened the thread, I thought you were complaining about people who pee on the toilet seat. :slight_smile:

What they do have, though, is “Sentence Construction for Dummies”.

Yellow? Ew!

That would be “Yellow streaming for dummies”.

I know how the very first sentence of the book should go:

Don’t buy a smart phone that can’t run Adobe Flash…:smack:

So, if I can find some obscure low traffic site that is streaming American Pickers it might come through better than the top of the Google search because it is hit less by persons like myself and using less bandwidth on their end?