the world series

Iundefinedundefinedundefined have been wondering for some time. in baseball- why is it called the world series, if America is the only country playing?

Basically, because some guy in 1903 named it that. At the time, Americans were just about the only ones playing, so it was a de facto “World Series”.

Baseball today is a much more international sport than most people give it credit for. There are players virtually all of the Carribean and Central American nations, as well as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Canada, and Australia playing right now in the Major Leagues.

I hit submit before I said this: If a soccer-style World Cup of Baseball were played right now, while the U.S. would probably be the favorites, several countries could win it, in particular the Dominican Republic.

nitpick - US and Canada. It is theoretically possible, though not terribly probable, to have an all-Canadian World Series with the current teams, and Toronto has, in fact, won it twice.

It all goes back to the 1880’s. A previous thread on the subject.

The notion that the World newspaper is responsible for the so-called World Series is a remarkably tenacious one.

James Lexer, a Toronto political science professor, repeats it as truth in Discovering America, a book about his extensive travels through the U.S., published in 2001. You’d think somebody would catch that in a book that purports to explain the U.S. to Canadians.

I’m going to be nice, because you’re a guest and new here, but:

I’m tired of non-Americans thinking they’re being SO clever by pointing this out.

  1. It’s called the World Series because that’s what the for-profit enterprise running it wants to call it. That is the real answer, and anything else is slightly beside the point. If they want to start calling it Grand Universe Championship of All Time and Space, then that’s what it will be called.

  2. When it started, it really did contain all the world-class talent in the sport, so it made decent sense.

  3. It NEVER CLAIMED to be a World Cup style tournament, and the people who get all excited because it has the word “World” in it are just projecting their own assumptions onto it.

  4. With maybe a few exceptions in Japan (and Cuba), the Major Leagues really do contain all the world’s best baseball talent. Listing all the stars who are not American at this point would be too tedious, there are so many. Some of them arrive in the States so late that they never develop good English. So in a real sense it is the final playoff of a very thorough tournament of the world’s best talent.

No, Cardinal, you’re being nice because this is a forum for intelligent people who can act in a civil fashion while dispelling mistruths. :wink:

Your reasoning is very accurate, but for point number 4: What does their English-speaking ability have to do with anything? Native-born baseball players aren’t always great orators. Or did I miss your point here?


How dare the European Union use that name while there exist European nations who don’t belong?! It’s a scandal, a scandal!

My point there was that some of these players, like Fernando Valenzuela, are very pointedly not American (unlike someone like Albert Pujols who moved as a kid from the Dominican Repbulic and went to high school in Missouri). They come to the States or Canada not as kids but at such an age that they’re beyond their easy-learning years in regard to language.

That’s all to say that it’s not just the immigrant kids and native-borns who are in the Major Leagues. Become a star on the Nicaraguan national baseball team, and you will be hearing from scouts for a Major League team. The Major Leagues would love for Castro to fall from power so they could raid the Cuban national team.

Yes. Yogi Berra, fr’instance.

Yeah, I guess.

There are some questions that we have sort of lost patience with around here, because they’ve been asked so often and are one-sided, often even just insults posing as questions:

Why do the United States citizens call themselves “Americans”? All people in the Americas are Americans.

Why are Americans stupid enough to allow Bush to be president?

Why doesn’t America get a system to throw out a sitting president, when he’s as stupid as the one you have?

Why does America allow so much gun ownership? Why aren’t you more like my country?

Why is it the World Series when the only teams are from America and Canada?

Why is America a bunch of raving fundamentalists?


Huh? :confused: What’s that all about?

Why do they call it the Miss and/or Mr. Universe competition when all the contestants are from this planet?

It’s probably the same reason that AAU claims to hold “world championships” of wrestling in a style that only Americans compete in.