The world sucks, OK?

What I want is nothing more them a dream. What I have is bitter, and clinging to me like an empty coffin. It sucks to be me.

I will not do it. I will not pick on you and say that “them” should be “than”. No, I will not DO that! I won’t! Oh, fubar! I already DID! Damn it! Sorry weirddave… :slight_smile:

What’s up? What’s wrong? Life can at times really suck, but at times it can be so great that it hurts my teeth.

Just think; if life were always on high we wouldn’t appreciate it. Ya know? But your post is nothing if not vague… I can’t REALLY pick on you unless you give me more information… :wink:

At least give me a CHANCE to cheer you up!

[Denis Leary] Life sucks, get a f*cking helmet! [/Denis Leary]

Sorry to hear you’re down Davie. Get well soon. And don’t mind these assholes with their Denis Leary quotes :slight_smile:

Sometimes we all need a hug.

Hey, Dave. You know, I was just thinking I should e-mail you and find out how you were doing. Not so good, I guess.

Listen Dave, if what you have is making you so miserable, then I really think you need to let it go. What you want is out there, and though it’s not guaranteed, it’s definitely possible, even probable.

Cut your losses, and go be happy.

Job problems? Meanies? Loss of a relationship?

(I notice from your profile that you work in sales. You are a brave man.)

I hope things improve for you soon, and that you feel better. The SDMB is full of many kind people who support each other, and, as I can see from this thread, they support you also.


(spiders are best at hugs because we have all those legs)


Weirddave, I’ve been there many times. There isn’t much I can say except to hang in there and remember things do get better.
Oh, and lots of coffee and chocolate make anything better. {weirddave}

Rootin’ for ya, babe. Don’t you wish you could just coast through life? All this falling down and getting back up again gets truly tiresome, but there’s really nothing for it 'cept to keep on going. Good luck, weirddave.

Hmmmm. Lets see…Perscription for a maudlin post.
Step 1. Watch your beloved Ravens wet the bed against Miami, while drinking a six pack of beer.

Step 2. Go to bed, and think about things. A lot.

Step 3. Toss

Step 4. Turn

Step 5. Get up at 3:30 and make said post, bleary and half asleep.

Thank you all for your advice. Sorry I wasn’t more specific, but y’all are terrific. And I am kinda proud of the “empty coffin” bit, it was a nice metaphore. Oh, and Lucretia?

May be the best advice I’ve ever gotten. It’s just so fucking hard to do.

Hey, now, dave, the Ravens sure and hell didn’t wet the bed last night.

They were playing in fierce rain on a field that went straight to mud- that a player’s nightmare. Nothing goes right for either side, and it’s just a matter of luck as to which side gets screwed. The Dolphins didn’t show any more skill than the Ravens; they just got lucky in where the mud was and in who slipped where.

Second, they were playing in a stadium where the crowd was incredibly hostile. Dan Marino’s having his number retired at half-time- you think it’s going to be a so-so crowd?

I think the Ravens did an admirable job for the circumstances, and proved that even with circumstances against them, they still try and kick ass.

Then again, I’m a recent convert, so more likely to be fanatical.

Psst, Dave! I hope I’m not intruding, but I just have to tell you this: there’s a spider on you!

I don’t have anything useful to say, but I hope things improve for you and for your Ravens.

I am a 19-year-old depressive. Perhaps a mere pissant in your eyes. In the event however that Football is not the only problem, I must prescribe the following:
abridge step 2 to eliminate any thinking. Thought aggravates all internal conflicts, and ignorance is truly bliss, possibly the key to a successful marriage as well, but I don’t know. hope it helps…

(Who fucking hates women. (Sometimes.))
PS and if you have not done so already, please get “Rock Lobster” by the b52s off napster. It’s just a cool song!

Sometimes I wet the bed. Mommy says big boys have accidents its okay. Now I pee pee in the toilet.



Smooches hun – you know I am here if you need to talk!

Love ya!


All this support has got to help at least a little.

:: Sits back and waits for Dave to get weird again. ::

'Course, if sitting back isn’t what will help right now, just say the word…


As you can see, there’s plenty of support around here whenever you need it.

Take care, hon…

I have to agree. Life does suck. Or in the charming words of a friend of mine, “Life sucks and then you die, but not soon enough.” But seriously? Is it anything in particular? Or are you just feeling blah?

I’ve been there myself.

Two years ago. Sunny Saturday afternoon. UCLA vs. Miami.

When the game was over, I didn’t notice the sun, the nice weather, or much of anything else. I wanted to close my eyes, go to sleep, and, frankly, never wake up. (I didn’t want to off myself–that would have taken too much energy)

Imagine how I felt the next year when UCLA went 4-7…

For what it’s worth, I still expect the Ravens to contend this year. That’s one TOUGH defense.

To the extent that your moodiness is sports related: trust me, I can relate. To the extent it’s other stuff: well, I can probably relate, too.

C’mon, Dave, it could be worse. You could be a Steeler fan. A Steeler fan who is also a Pirate fan. A Steeler fan who is also a Pirate fan who went to Penn State. A Steeler fan who is also a Pirate fan who went to Penn State…like me.

Damn…the world doessuck.