The world through SMDB-tinted glasses

You ever have one of those moments when you realize you’re spending too much of your time on the SMDB (in my case, lurking)? When you hear something in the real world and relate it back to the SDMB?

On my way to the deli to get lunch, I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN radio. He was announcing who the guests on the show were going to be.

One of them was Bob Eubanks. My first reaction was, oh yeah, the guy from Lib’s thread…

Do other people have similar moments?

SMDB glasses huh?

So Sado-Masochistic Dope Board… I guess the world would look pretty odd! :wink:

As to your OP, yes, many, many moments like that… so many wasted (or well spent, depends on how you look at it) nights!




My first thread… sob.

And I screwed it up once in the body of the message as well. I’d ask a mod to change it, but let it serve as a lesson to all those who might think to delurk…

Been spending too much time at the IMDb?

No, I can’t even blame it on that. MS Access .mdb files, perhaps.

I was in a lecture.
Lecturer said something interesting.
I wondered if it were true.
I asked on the SDMB.
I got mocked.

Tuco, they only mock the ones they love.

If we all tallied up our goofs and :smack:, it would be astounding.

Welcome to the club.

A few days ago, in a theater-sports class, the instructor referenced the old saw about using only ten percent of our brains.

“Uh, that’s actually not true,” I said, automatically.

He gave me a quick glance that said, in essence, who cares, it’s just an expression, don’t be an anal-retentive bastard.

I need to get out more.

Seems like I run into moon conspiracists, scammers, urban legend repeaters, chain letter forwarders and creationists* several times a day now, not to mention nearly every variety of logical fallacy in the boopk - I’m sure it wasn’t like this before I joined the SDMB.

Are they seeking me out now?

Gaah, sometimes, you just wanna scream ‘CITE?!’ in real-life conversation, or click on someone’s face and report them to a moderator.

*[sup]OK, there’s a good reason why I bump into creationists every Sunday…[/sup]

Yes, we mock the ones we love.

The ones we hate, we flame (insert smilie with flame thrower)

Actually, you didn’t. Nobody in that thread said thing one about you.

Re the OP, yeah, all the time. A lot of times when I’m walking to work or doing some other activity that leaves time for thinking, I’m thinking about threads from the board, or what I might say next time I post. I’ve had dreams about the board, as have many of us. Frequently when I come across things in ‘real life’ it reminds me of something I’ve seen here, or makes me think of people I’ve interacted with here. In a lot of ways the SDMB has been integrated into my life.

Ooh, Mangetout, yeah. I have to resist the urge to ask people in regular conversations for cites. And I’m always debunking the glurge my relatives forward. Don’t know why I bother, I know they look at my informative and well-researched responses with exactly the same attention I pay to the glurge that spawns it.