The world weeps for America

This is a short film with many people, around the world, being shown what’s happening with Covid in the US.

It’s an eye opener.

We are a laughing stock.

Deservedly so.

I’m not proud that that’s the truth, but I believe it is the truth.

I always wonder in these kinds of threads how much non-Americans know about the historical and contemporary forces and reasons that brought about the things they wonder about America, everything from the election of Trump to why we don’t have the metric system. Do they get where it all comes from, or do they think sprouted spontaneously into being due to some inherent inscrutable stupidness that blankets citizens of the country?

But there is nevertheless immense stupidity that blankets many citizens of this country. Maybe there’s a deeper history behind the deplorable behavior of the typical MAGA fuckwit, but there are no good reasons for their behavior that make any coherent sense. Understanding the history of this stupidity may make it less inscrutable, but it doesn’t make it less stupid.

I anticipated pointing and laughing, and plenty of cracking wise.

The sincere emotion on display caught me off guard, I have to admit.

Considering how many people argue that it’s a concerted campaign by people in power (with the implication that we’d have a lot more “normal” people in this country if it weren’t for conservative media and cuts to public education), I think the reasons could be considered coherent (even cold bloodedly so) and extremely relevant.

I sure hope people overseas understand there are many, many Americans who are equally appalled at the US response as they are. The US has cratered it’s economy and is a world leader in cases and deaths, simultaneously. Has anyone else fared as poorly as us on both those measures?

Those random people showed more emotion than the president at the deaths of Americans.

If the polls I read are right, 40% of US-Americans find this OK, 60% have to put up with it. I find this so sad.
I write from Berlin, Germany, I come from Madrid, Spain. Germany reacted well, but has also been lucky so far: 223 deaths from CoVID-19 in Berlin, about 9,500 in the whole of Germany. Madrid: about 9,000, Spain 24,800. We had a complete lock-down in Spain for ages, Germany has been spared this, though it might yet become necessary. The Financial Times has a good overview of the situation: Coronavirus tracker: the latest figures as countries fight the Covid-19 resurgence | Free to read | Financial Times
The second wave is coming (or the first one is coming back, whatever semantics you prefer) and there are idiots everywhere. There is a demonstration planned in Berlin this weekend by people who believe the virus does not exist or is a hoax. The organizers claim millions are going to attend despite Merkel closing the city (she is NOT closing the city! and I hope no more than 5,000 people attend). You are not alone in your fight against bigottry and ignorance, please keep the spirits high. And stay as safe as you can.
Good luck everyone!

The funniest thing about watching the video was that, whenever they had old Trump footage it seemed to me as though he was impersonating Sarah Cooper. I was wondering why he wasn’t in his kitchen like in the original footage.

Thanksgiving is going to be bleak this year - a lot of empty chairs

America is still a great power and, despite many current problems, generally remains a source of hope and inspiration for many people. It will overcome these difficulties. The question is what lessons it will learn from them.