The world's fastest roller coaster is being built in Japan.

The park is called Fujikyu Highlands. Their website is in Japanese, of course. If you can’t read Japanese, try this website. Scroll down about halfway until you see the topic headed “It’s Here”. Below that, at the bottom of the page, is more info on the ride with links to construction pictures.

Built by S&S Power of Utah, this ride will be nearly 4,000 feet long and accelerate from 0 to 107 MPH in just 1.8 seconds using compressed air. The trains will run on pneumatic rubber tires for a very smooth ride. A similar ride (“Hypersonic XLC”) was opened this year in Paramount’s Kings Dominion in Virginia, though it is not nearly as long or as fast.

Here’s hoping S&S Power builds more of these rides in the U.S. so I can ride them.

Oh that sounds like way to much fun. We need one in the US, Preferably CA :wink: If only I could convinve my SO to go on it wit me ::roll eyes::

0-107 MPH in 1.8 seconds? 4.5 G’s of lateral force?

What does a ticket to Japan do? This looks awesome!!