The Worlds' Greatest Artist

Dear Marc Breed;

I have been a fan of your work, since your Ann Arbor days.
Two quick questions. I have a new guy that I’m dating, and he admitted to me, that he was a ‘fluffer’ for adult films. Are there any instructions that come with this guy?
And why, with your background (and medium of choice) do you continue to ‘bang your head against the glass ceiling’ of fine art?


Sexuality is about exploration; discovering limitations & mind-blowing orgasms, unique to its’ participants. Try everything. Most folks have one big risk in them. Those who attempt more, lead the richest lives. (All of us, silently wait the other foot dropping. Ignoring it is easiest during sex.)
As to my art. I‘ve come to terms with the fact that I will never witness my vindication. As runner Steve Prefontaine said; “I’m the best, because I am willing to endure the most.” My name will resonate for a long, long time.

Los Angelino, Kara Walker & Clevelander, Marc Breed have been tapped to represent North America in BBC’s inaugural reality show. Who is the Worlds’ Greatest Artist?
(Rumor has it that the weekly tasks are all impossibilities. With week one’s instruction; informing participants that they are to build a functioning time travel machine. Should be an amazing series.)


That is the weirdest spam I’ve seen in months.

It was an interesting read, if not extremely confusing. Is it spam?

Good question. Maybe it isn’t.

Still weird, though.

I have no idea WTF is going on in the OP. I hope he returns to shed some clarification.

Frank Zappa

Spam or not, who the “world’s greatest artist” is is an interesting question.

By what standard would you judge such an assertion? Is it even a valid to think of one artistic endeavor being “greater” than another? How strong of a role does popularity play in determining who is greatest? Can you make a determination on the work of a living artist, or do you have to wait and see what his/her lasting influence is?

This is evidently a copypasta from this craigslist link.

Marc appears to be a photographer in New York. He doesn’t have a wikipedia page. That’s all the research I’m willing to do.

And the greatest artist of all time is probably Shakespeare.

Probably just as difficult as deciding on the Greatest Mathematician. :wink:

I nominate Michelangelo. He was timeless, worked in various mediums and put fascinating ‘easter eggs’ into his work.

Seconded. I call for the question.

If you mean ever then Beethoven. If you mean today Francis Ford Coppola