The world's most aptly named geographical feature...

…as yet undiscovered by the English-speaking world. (No results on Google except in French.)

Mesdames et Messieurs, I give you…Le Canyon de Pussy!

(Fully SFW, unless your supervisor has a really overactive imagination.)

golf clap Well done, chap. You are most correct, and fr that, so far, you get the gold star. Can anyone beat that, or are we all in awe at the size of this waterfall’s clitoris?

Forget the clitoris.

People have known for hundreds of years of a place in the United States called, The Grand Teton Mountains. “Grand Teton” in French means, “Large breast”.

No points for Dragwyr. “Forget the clitoris indeed,” mutters Mother Earth, rolling over in bed unsatisfied.

I think they’re going to need a bigger man for the job. :slight_smile:

Better this than… Le Pussy de Canyon!

I, for one, was very disappointed the first time I saw the Grand Tetons – angular, craggy, uninviting. Those French explorers must have been really horny and desperate to name these mountains “The Big Tits”. There are a great many more round and boobily inviting mountains (many of them in pairs!) elsewhere in the world.

[Bear Claw Chris Lapp]
I never could find no tracks on a woman’s heart. I packed me a squaw for ten year, Pilgrim. Cheyenne, she were, and the meanest bitch that ever balled for beads. I lodge-poled her at Deadwood Creek, and traded her for a Hawken gun. But don’t get me wrong; I loves the womens, I surely do. But I swear, a woman’s breast is the hardest rock that the Almighty ever made on this earth, and I can find no sign on it.
[/Bear Claw Chris Lapp]

You know, if I weren’t in class, I’d have replied almost exactly with this sentence.

Agreed. I’ve always thought the Bubble Mountains in Acadia National Park would make a nice set. :slight_smile:

mmmmm. firm.

Hm. Nice and perky.

Daddy likes.

Looks like it’s always wet, too…

When we visited ANP last summer, one of my teens immediately observed, “Bubbles my ass!”
For the rest of the day it was endless variations on, “Nice set of Bubbles you got there,” “Anyone up for hiking the Boobs?,” etc. ad infinitum.

For some reason or another, my wife seemed to tire of such witty repartee quicker than my teenage son and myself…

Talk about your nice views… a Dinsdale sighting!

Don’t y’all be hating on my mama, now.

Still can’t beat Dildo, Newfoundland, Pecker’s Point, Newfoundland, or Shitagoo Lake in Quebec… :smiley:

Heh. I just recently purchased and watched this movie.

Wouldn’t you know, my damn network blocked that site> No doubt, the “p” word is the offender…

Daddy’s got you covered.


It’s work safe, by the way.

Interesting Take on the naming of the Grand Tetons:

From this site (see it for the links):