The world's silliest marital argument....

…is going on right now between my sister-in-law and her husband, Marty.

Backstory: SIL is a full time stay at home Mom. She does 100% of the house work. The kids are both in Elementary School.

Marty asked SIL what she wanted for Mother’s Day. SIL says that she would like him to wash the dishes (she does this every single other night.) Marty agrees.

The day comes and Marty washes most of the dishes. SIL complains to him that he needs to finish. He says that he did finish and that the other dishes didn’t count for some reason that was not made clear to me. Huge argument ensues.

It is now mid-June. Those few dishes are still sitting on the counter, unwashed. Neither of them will wash them to prove some sort of point. Nice example for the kids, huh?

Can you top this one?


When I was a kid my parents decided to remodel the bathroom in their bedroom. The only bathroom with a shower. They ripped up the floor completely, you could see the dirt under the house. Then they started fighting about which linoleum they wanted. They fought about it for 8 months. Ivy grew up through the floor of the bathroom, and lizards came in. Nobody could take a shower, for 8 months.

Finally it went on so long that neither one of them could remember what the original fight was about, they walked into the floor place and agreed on the first linoleum they saw.