The WORST films ever made ?

Recently a list of the worst films ever made was released. To see the list go to

Did they get it right ? Miss something ? Put something you disagree with ? Our phone lines are open…

Although no less than Michael MedVed (Gawd of Bad Films: He wrote the Golden Turkey books, which are hysterical) agrees with their assessment of Baby Geniuses as one of the worst, this list is waaaaay to heavily weighted towards modern films. The first stinker that was pre-1960 was “Glenn or Glenda” at #39? The first 38 are almost exclusively from the '80s forward.

And Glenn or Glenda wasn’t THAT bad. It’s actually kind of interesting to watch Ed Wood films. The man had a desperate urge to try to communicate but absolutely no communication skills. It’s (horrible, un-PC analogy warning) like watching a mute try to talk.

Anyway, yes, they list some stinkers, but, no: I don’t think the list is even close to definitive or accurate.

See the 4 MedVed books (50 Worst Films of All Time, Golden Turkey Awards, Son of Golden Turkey Awards and Hollywood Hall of Shame) for a much better rounded list.


I just checked: Glenn or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outer Space are the only films from the '50s. There are no films from the '40s back, and only a handful of films from the '60s and '70s.

This list is way too narrow. But it makes a good addendum to the Medved books which end in the '70s.


Well am I the only person in the world that actually LIKED The Blair Witch Project? Seriously, just because a film is overhyped (which this film definetly was) doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad film. Same exact issue with many of Titanic’s detractors. Because it was not the greatest movie ever made, which they were expecting, they decide it must have been the worst movie made. Such a completely ridiculous way to approach watching a movie.

Just giving the list a cursory look, I think it’s crap. Seems to me they took all the popular disliked films of recent years. From the kind of people who consider TITANIC one of the worst films ever, even though it is far from that. I really don’t like lists that use public backlash as their basis of judgement. It shows a lack of real dedication to seeking out the worst movies put to film.

If you really want to find the worst movies ever made you are going to have to look beyond these big-budget productions. Listen, TITANIC was far from great, but it would only be considered bad if there hadn’t been such a public mass love-in surrounding the movie. It’s an elitist “jump on board” mentality, like people who say they hate Barney even though they don’t have kids and never have to watch the show. Hell, BLAIR WITCH wouldn’t even be mentioned if it didn’t have so much hype around it.

They looked over my most hated of movies, PARENTS, which is about cannibalism in the 50’s. And I personally loved TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME. In fact, most of the movies they name can be enjoyed on one level or another. Look, watch TROLL 2 (which they didn’t even mention), and be amazed at how spectacularly bad it is. And even that has entertainment, because you see how wrong a movie can go.

I don’t mind negative reviews of movies, but these people have no impetus of imagination to look beyond the small mindset they go out to movies with. It takes real work to find a movie that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. (Anybody seen PIGS? Anybody?) These people gave up and named the first movies they saw that they didn’t like.

Sorry for the rant, but I hate lists like this because they always suck so much.

I can’t believe Manos, Hands of Fate is not number one. Do they really think there are 62 movies worse than that?

My vote goes out to “Jawbreaker”
Not only was it supremely insulting to my intelegence, but that mental image of the girl w/ the jawbreaker in her throat will continue to ruin my appetite any time I think of it.

My vote, and I’ll be amazed if it’s seconded, is for Forrest Gump.

I think we’ve missed Toys, another Robin Williams movie. And while I’m thinking about him I recall that aweful Russian one. And is there a more formulaic movie then Entrapment.

As for there being few films before 1950 probably because more then half of all films are gone, destroyed by age and porr handling practices. I know a lot are at the bottom of the sea off California, and sometimes when they didn’t have space they just burned em. But as for pre-1950 I’d toss in Intollerence by D. W. Griffith, a more overblown, cock-sure, self-righteous movie I cannot recall. The original Wizard of Oz back from the 20s while it had it’s moments was incredibly offensive but so were most movies from that time. I’d also vote for most French films made after Jean Renoir. His work was brilliant but except for a few movies after him they all suck.

you know what, I could turn into a really bitter man…

Mahaloth… the list is in alphabetical order :slight_smile:

Boys. Starring Wynona Ryder. 'Nuff said.

I hated Blair Witch.
The over hyping only made it worse. I have emailed Roger Ebert regarding his 4 stars rating of this piece of work but He hasn’t had time to respond yet.

I am of the opinion that mainstream critics were paid off to hype this movie.

I must say Red Menace to date you are the first person (non professional movie critic) I have ever heard of that enjoyed the film.

I always thought singling out Ed Wood’s movies was unfair. Here was a guy doing his best with no money and little talent. And there were plenty of movies as bad.

Only movies with decent budgets and talented people should make a list like this. “The Avengers” qualifies richly.

I was happy to see that the entire “Look Who’s Talking” Series made the list.

But I don’t understand why “Arthur 2” was on the list. While not an all-time great movie, it certainly isn’t among the worst.

I wish they had included a few more recent movies…but that proabably would have swallowed most of the list.

As I’ve noted many times before, whenever someone asks “What’s the worst movie of all time,” MOST people name a well-known movie with a well-known cast, that either wasn’t very good, or which didn’t seem to live up to its hype. The rest of the votes generally go to a cheesy, “MST3K” type sci-fi or horror movie.)

Ask for “the worst rock group ever,” nobody ever names some lousy amateur band playing cheap night clubs in Nowheresville. No, people always name a very successful very popular band that they don’t like.

Look, I HATED “Twister.” And I hate Lou Reed. And yet, it would be ridiculous for me to name “Twister” as the worst movie ever, or Lou Reed as the worst musician of all time. There are LOADS of films worse than “Twister” that I never bothered to see, or that weren’t even good enough to find a distributor. And downtown Austin is CRAWLING with bands that suck worse than Lou Reed on his worst day (I know, it defies belief, but it’s true).

In short, you’ve probably never SEEN the worst movie of all time.

Still, I suspect that the worst movie of all time… whatever it is… is a bad would-be comedy. There is NOTHING worse than a comedy that just isn’t funny. A bad drama, a bad romance, a bad sci-fi flick, a bad horror movie… ALL of those can be inadvertantly amusing! But a bad comedy is just plain EXCRUCIATING.

Thank you for confirming what I suspected already. Critics sucks, big time.
I returned to the posted site and explored a little bit more and encountered this list

Compare with the final product and you can see that the worst stinkers didn’t make it on the 100 list.
They didn’t even put Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in their 100 worst, how can you ignore the movie that unleashed Pia Zadora on an unsuspecting world !:stuck_out_tongue:

This is a lesson in how essential it is to always go with your own feelings rather than be swayed by someone else’s opinion. I can remember reading glowing reviews of some of these movies when they were first released. For every positive film review it seems there is an opposite and negative review. I personally liked Drop Dead Fred and “family” stuff usually bores me stupid.

The worst movie of all time is Welcome to Woop Woop. It is the necrotizing fasciitis of the film world. It’s an Australian movie but it has Americans in it. They probably lost their U.S. citizenship though.

Hmm, toss up

Worst movie I have ever seen -

Voyage of The Rock Aliens

“It’s Pat” is really horrible…they take the old ambiguous gender gag that was fine for a 5 minute skit and tried to stretch it to a feature length film. “It’s Pat” is the kind of movie they would show continuously for all eternity in hell. It stands out among bad SNL inspired films as exceptionally painful to watch.

“The Bad News Bears Go to Japan” is also really dreadful, especially disappointing since the first film in the trilogy was very clever and the second one was fairly good. I had the misfortune of trying to watch this film once during a rainy afternoon, and then I understood why TV stations almost never aired this pathetic last leg of the trilogy.

ooh yeah, thank you for reminding me BBC that Madonna movie. I could tell that was a lemon before the first commercial I saw for it was even half over shudder