The worst things you got cought with/doing when you were young

Just as the OP states tell us what were the worst things you got cought with or the worst things you got cought doing.

Me I went to a boarding school and once my housemistress (like a principal of the sleeping quaters) walked in on me pouring water down my pants with a tampon stuck up my nose during a game of truth or dare (I won that round but at a price…).

As far as getting cought with stuff I was too good at hiding it to get cought so nothing interesting on that front.

Ok now your turn

Well once I was caught ummm giving myself self love just as I was ‘arriving’ my step sister walked into the room…

But it had an up side next day she told everyone at school that I had massive equipment. I actually met someone 3 years later the first words out of his mouth were “hey you’re the guy with the big ______” (I was 15 when she walked in on me I met this guy when I was 18)

But the weird thing is I rarely do bad things I have weird/bad things happen to me then I get blamed for things I don’t do.

I got yelled at when I pushed all the elevator buttons on a cruise ship. Some Spanish guy got really mad at me as I got out at the top floor (he was trying to head down), but I just said “No, I didn’t do it!” and ran away. That’s probably the worst thing I ever did and got caught at… (The worst thing I did without getting caught involved a Hotmail account someone left open in a computer lab and a love letter on said account.)

When I was a freshman in high school I had some friends over and we made a few prank calls. We recorded them on a mini-recorder, which my mom found on the couch the following morning. She told me - no kidding - that I could’ve killed someone. Her logic? I coulda scared some old person into having a stroke, or something.

When I was about age 17, I had the girl next door (really!) on top of me…err, Cowgirl style
Right as we’re about to finish…in walks my Mom with an armload of laundry!
My mom happened to be pretty cool with things of this nature, (she had to be, with four sons)
so she says; “Well!, I’ll just put this laundry away!”
and so she did.

We never did finish THAT evening!

Sorry to say…shoplifting. Bad Superstar bad!!


Alcohol (numerous times by parents)

Tobacco (same as alcohol)

Sex (in a car in the park by police. They were cool and just asked me to drive her home)

Blanks (Caught myself really, hammer, nail, plus blank = hole in leg. The casing exploded and tore a hole in my leg.)

Shop lifting (by the store owner. Parents never found out thank god)

Out of all the shit I had to suffer, I would have say tobacco was the worst being caught at. Nothing like having an abusive father with a streak of righteousness to keep his son from smoking, even though he smoked him self.

I don’t want to say what it was, but just let me give you some advice: You need at least 2,000 degrees in a fire to get rid of teeth.

I got caught having sex in the back of a station wagon by some strange guy who just happened to be in the woods walking by. Of course he felt compelled to stare.

I got caught smoking by my brother. Who then proceeded to blackmail me for a few months before ratting me out.
I was then forced to smoke an entire pack of NON filtered ciggerettes one right after the other in front of my father. I was so ill.

I got caught sneaking a boy into my bedroom in the middle of the night by my dad.

From 5th to 10th grade in school I used to write poems, stories, scripts, lists, and related nonsense with my two best friends. They were all filled with the dirtiest language imaginable, as that was the whole point of them. They were so friggin’ hilarious then that I kept them all in an A-TEAM jigsaw puzzle box, along with all the mismatched, torn out porn a young boy manages to accumulate over a few years.

My mom found all of it. She told me I should burn it all because it was disgusting, but she left it to me. I still have most of the writing.

Dammit, Sam, are you the one who stole my dentures? I’ll throttle you good, so help me Glub…



At the age of about ten or so, a friend and I suddenly thought it would be a good idea to start throwing things at cars; we started off with handfulls of berries, but eventually he dared me to throw a stone - I stupidly did as I was told and broke the windscreen of a (slowly)passing vehicle; the driver leapt out and ran after us - (apparently) I ran home and changed my clothes, but it was no good; he had seen where I went. I got in terrible trouble over that one.

Later on, at secondary school, I was equally easily led; some boys decided they would go into a classroom at lunchtime and steal a big wad of exercise books; I tagged along. They took the books, but didn’t really know what to do with them - I’m not quite sure how, but they ended up being hidden in my bedroom; then one of them went home and told his mother all about it. Because all the evidence was found in my possession, I took the brunt of the punishment and was not allowed to go on the school holiday trip (an educational mediterranean cruise).

For some stupid reason, I also tagged along when one of the same boys decided to steal half a kilo of metallic calcium pellts from the chemistry lab - again, we got caught when he put a huge heap of them into a container of water in one of the lunch rooms.

There have been others, but all with the same kind of pattern; looking back, I really must have been the most impressionable and gullible dullard imaginable.

I was 7 or 8 at the time and was a latchkey kid. My friend came over and we were running around the house messing things up when we started playing pirate.


So my stepdad had this cool huge carving knife that was at least 24" long and I was waving it around using it as a scimitar. One thing led to another, he ran into the hallway and up the satirs of our apartment buidling, I ran after and the door slammed shut.



SO the friend runs home, I am left sitting in the hallway in terror waiting for my parents to come home. Mom gets home around 6…and she left her keys at home and was counting on me or dad being there to let her in. Dad was working till 8 and as this was pre cellphone and he was not accessible, I sat in the hall with my mom till 9, envisaging the manner of my impending doom. Most of them involved the knife.

Playing baseball in the living room with my brother. Of course we did not have a ball or a bat. We were using a bike reflector and a screwdriver. Being the “smart” one, I noticed that holding the screwdriver by the handle necesitated hitting the target with the skinny end. Sooo, I turned it around. Sure enough, on the next swing, the screwdriver flew straight into the center of the brand new color TV which my parents had just spent months saving to buy.

I swear, the large divet in the screen was in the exact middle of the screen.

When I was 10 years old, my friend and I thought it’d be cool to shoplift some cigarettes. Well, we managed to steal the smokes and take them behind the store and light a couple up. That’s when the store manager came out the back door and say, “Busted!!!”. He called our parents. We got into so much trouble for that. Stealing AND smoking.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what happened :smack: Did it stick through the door?

I got caught with porn when I was 13 or so and it was certainly not the worst thing I ever did but it was seriously the most awkward and horrifying drama ever to hit my family. I think my father was angry that his 13 year old daughter had successfully aquired GOOD porn when all he could manage was one 1977 Playboy and a couple of creepy erotic paperbacks. My mother actually asked me if I was gay. After the most painful afternoon of my life it was never spoken of again and I started my collection over again. My parents learned a lesson about minding their own business.

The “CLICK” was the apartment door locking as he chased the friend to the next apartment upstairs. Now MikeG, big-ass carving knife, and Mom are locked outside. Dad has the keys and is coming home late with an implied bad attitude to find that scene.

I got caught stealing cds when I was 14.
One of the CDs includede The Smiths’ “Shoplifters of all Countries Unite” - I did not know this until I saw it on the CD lying on the table in the little backroom where the “detective” had dragged me to call my parents.