The worst TMI you've ever been subjected to

You know, a while back, I had been considering getting mine pierced. Then ended up not doing so, figuring I could always get around to it eventually. Now I can tell you, with great confidence, that there is no frickin’ way I am ever getting my genitals pierced.

The worst was in my old job…I was there three years, long enough for a coworker to go through 2 pregnancies. This woman had no shame and try as I might I had to overhear & hear detailed TMI about vaginal discharge, the fact that people shit themselves when they have a baby, and every horrible graphic detail about birthing a child ever.

Eee. Ugh.

When you look up TMI in the dictionary, you find that post.

Are we up to the challenge of The TMI Thread? I still have nightmares about: the guy whose ball sack spontaneously ripped open. :eek:

I have a slightly disturbing knack for reflecting TMI back on somebody, as if I always have to up the ante somehow. Just last night, my aunt was telling me in vivid detail about grandma’s recent outbreak of shingles, and how my uncle is going over there every day to rub lotion on the mess of sores on her lower back…“the one on her boob, however, we figure she can take care of herself!”

So I said, “That reminds me of this movie called Murmur of the Heart…”

Heavens no! You can’t take them out. They’re not like studs in your earlobes.

Well obviously you CAN take them out if you have to, but it’s not easy and depending on the style you need a special tool (ring pliers), and hood piercings heal extremely quickly. It might close in a couple of hours. Plus it’s very difficult to put it back in on your own, even if you could get it out.

Besides, many people get them specifically for the effect they have while makin’ whoopie. That’s as far as I got without getting too TMI myself.

The grossest TMI I’ve read recently is the tribulations of a MTF transgendered person who is having difficulties with post-surgery dilation. You don’t want to know, believe me. You know how men can “feel” it when someone describes how they got kicked in the nuts? Well this is the feminine counterpart. Yowee yowee gross gross.


IIRC, he and his killer first cooked and ate some rather tender bits of his flesh while he was still alive.

I once worked for a guy who was possibly the dumbest human being I’ve ever known. His wife had a baby, and this jerk came to work with a videotape of the entire birth for each of us to take home and watch. As if this weren’t bad enough, he added, “You’ll get a kick out of the diarrhea.”

I’m sure this was done without his wife’s consent. But on the other hand, she was dumb enough to marry him.

Do g–tse or t-bg–l count?

(And no, I won’t elaborate further. Longtime internet users know what I’m talking about…)

After my grandmother had a couple of minor strokes, she lost her ability to self-edit. I could have gone to my grave without ever hearing about her sex life with my grandfather. :eek:

Well, crap. I have no one to blame but myself for how I feel.
Taran , you are correct.

rjung: Nope. No information, and besides I was aiming more for real-life TMI encounters.

Baby-talking uneducated idiot coworker told me all about her and her boyfriend’s efforts to conceive and the procedures she and her under-bits went through to move things along.
Me: “Wow, that’s too bad but I need to get some work done.”
Her: “Then they take this little tube and slide it up to your ovary tubes…”
One person who overheard all of her various conversations about this topic (she tells anyone who sits still) actually called the company hotline to complain about her. (Hostile work environment, don’tcha know.)
Now that I know her better, I’m not convinced the two of them knew where to put their genitals to procreate. They just got married a couple weeks ago, now that the TRO they had on each other expired. :rolleyes:


Never mind.

Grampas don’t have penises, m’kay?

Finally! Somewhere appropriate where I can finally get this out of my system.

My cousin had an abscess in his leg. He’d been to the doctor, who incised and drained it, packed it, dressed it, and wrote a prescription for antibiotics.

The morning we saw Revenge of the Sith, he stood in the parking lot, gave his leg a squeeze, and orange-yellow pus spurted out. I almost tossed my popcorn right then and there.


Seeing gross stuff…that would be watching a peri-vertebral TB abcess drained in India. 3 full kidney dishes of pus, and the doctor was able to reach down into the patient’s pelvis, by following the track of the abcess. Bear in mind that the incision was on the patient’s back, near her ribs. Yuck.

Worst thing I’ve heard… probably an 80 y/o man and his wife describing his haematospermia. Haematospermia is exactly what it sounds like…blood in the ejaculate. I’m not going to give details, but I’ll say it was a recent onset of the condition, and they had discovered it in a way which raised eyebrows, to say the least. You may use your imagination.

Not all moms defecate themselves while giving birth; I never did.

Me, too. And I’m a chick!

Was it Hoover Dustette

Of course we do. :smiley: That’s the point silly. . . . :eek:

The worst TMI I’ve ever been subjected to … was here, on the SDMB, in the pimple thread.

You know the one.