The Worst Week Ever (Lots o' whines)

So… did anyone miss me? Or even notice I was gone? A whole week!!

What happened is this: Monday afternoon, my darlin’ daughter came home from school sobbing about having gotten into an argument with her best friend. I tried to comfort and reassure, then suggested maybe she ought to ride her bike over to another friend’s house to take her mind off things. About ten minutes after she left, I got a frantic phone call – my daughter was calling me from a stranger’s house! She was crying, and told me that she had fallen off her bike and chipped a tooth. The kindly stranger who had been sitting on his front porch witnessed the fall, and offered her his cordless phone to call Mom. I immediately rushed over to pick her up. Mind you, I am trying to quit smoking, and so am taking Zyban, which is making me dizzier than hell… and I’ve now got to try to drive.

I arrive at the stranger’s house to find that my daughter has not just “chipped” a tooth. Nope. She has broken the tooth off almost at the gumline, and yes, of course it was a permanent tooth. <sigh> I rush her to the dentist, all the while white-knuckling the steering wheel, because I am dizzy. Dentist kindly slips her in between patients and builds a brand new tooth for her right then and there. You can’t even tell she damaged it. On the good side, she was wearing a helmet, and so even though she banged up her head a bit, it was completely intact except for the tooth. We arrive home exhausted and try to relax.

Hubby comes home that night and informs me that all is not well in his office, and there could be some big and not pleasant changes coming soon, and we will be on tenterhooks about it for about a week until the numbers come in. I acknowledge this, and head to bed with a slightly sore throat.

Tuesday morning, I wake up completely stuffed up. I cannot breathe. The good part is, I also cannot smoke, which is what I was trying to accomplish anyway. The bad news (aside from the obvious) is that I am dizzy from the Zyban still, and now I have to take cold medicine to breathe, and this also makes me dizzy. Tuesday afternoon finds me half asleep on the sofa when the phone rings - it’s my daughter calling from school, and she has a fever.

Daughter and I spend the next few days on the sofa together, sick as dogs. I am stuffed up and sneezing, she is coughing. We both run fevers. I gradually begin to feel better, and get the good news that hubby’s job is still safe. However, the daughter’s fever doesn’t seem to be breaking, and she’s still coughing. Cut to Sunday night (yesterday)…

Having ascertained that the child has a temp of 104.6, I rush her to the ER. They give her something to take her fever down, and we sit for the next two hours waiting to see a doctor. Finally see the doc, who listens to her chest and sends her for an x-ray. She has pneumonia. Stop at the pharmacy, and then back home to crash.

I am in the midst of making 64 angel ornaments for wedding favors, I am still not smoking, and I am watching my fevered child cough and cough. Hubby is out of town on business and right now I REALLY NEED A HUG, DAMMIT!

<done now>


Ask and you shall recieve.

{Well, it was more a demand, but you know what I mean. :))

I try to avoid doing this to attractive local posters who say their husbands are out of town, but (looking both ways to make sure he didn’t miss his flight) a furtive {{{{{LifeOnWry}}}}}

Well, no, I didn’t miss you. Things were pretty busy on my end. But I recognized your name when I opened the thread, and wanted to pass along something I was saving for a moment like this.

You’re a very good writer. I read a previous post where you mentioned your Web site, and, being a habitual reader, I reacted like Pavlov’s dog. Not without much hope, I admit. I had seen too many vanity sites.

But your prose was well-written and came to a neat point. I liked your essays very much, and wished there wasn’t more to read.

Believe me, I wouldn’t say that about anyone’s work, not even if their daughter had a mouthful of broken teeth (ouch!). But you’re good.

This week was bad. Next week will be better.


Hey, can you eat cake? I’ve got some of my son’s birthday cake left. It’s still good. Would that help? :slight_smile:

::Dropping 30 pounds of really expensive chocolate in the mail to LifeOnWry::

You don’t know me, but what the hell, this better help :slight_smile:

Gawd, youse guys are so sweet. Yeah, I know I was begging for attention, but I really did need it and I wanna thank you all. I feel better already.
Oh, pesch? That was totally unexpected, and VERY welcome. Thanks so much! And just because you like to read, here you go:

awwwwww… poor Lifey… i’m usually not into cyberhugs, but since you seem to need one so much…


congrats, you just got the first cyberhug i’ve ever dispensed! :smiley:

I’m a complete newbie, but as a mom I sympathize. I’m also a compulsive reader so naturally I clicked both links mentioned in this thread. Just wanted you to know - I’ve bookmarked both sites. Excellent writing!

When all of this passes (and it will!) don’t forget to go back and (re)thank the stranger that aided your daughter.

It could be the start of a new friendship!


good grief a busted tooth and pneumonia? aaaawwww, poor kidlet and mom. i hope y’all are doing better now.

oh look, cadbury… here ya go.