The X-files Episodes from Netflix


So I want to make a collage sort of thing with moments from The X-Files with Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, trying to capture the chemistry between them. However, I don´t want to buy the entire DVD collection just for that, for a few seconds from a few episodes.
Can I download some of the episodes if I have a Netflix account? Please also recommend how to do it, in order to keep the best quality. Also, what would be best to use to create the collage?

Those are a lot of seemingly simple questions that have long complicated answers.

Netflix doesn’t make it easy to save anything from their videos. No downloading. I’m guessing you could watch full-screen and use some sort of screen capture software like FRAPS but not positive on that.

As far as video editing, there are entire forums dedicated to that subject. You need a lot of disc space and a powerful computer, probably not for the small clips but for the overall larger video. Many people use Windows Movie Maker as a beginner video editing tool, I was fairly impressed with it when I did some simple video editing.

Since the OP is looking for advice, and legal as well as technical issues could be involved, let’s move this to IMHO.

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One forum that I have found helpful for such topics is AVS Forum. Putting

streaming capture

into Google gets some hits. There is capture software, the best is pay but some allow short recordings for free, which might be for you. There are also hardware solutions (which I recommend if you’re doing a lot of this).

But … all of this is at best a gray area. For your own use, it’s one thing. To post the video on the Internet is another.

To get what you want you need a screen recorder software that will record videos playing from netflix or other from your screen because you can´t directly download from netflix or other services like that. Also you will need a good PC and an video editing tool to clip together the parts you like.
Good luck, maybe you can show us the results :slight_smile:

It might be cheaper to buy the DVD’s…