the year of the snake

in work we were making plans for lunch in honour of the year of the snake. i mentioned that i found it strange that of the 5 people i knew born in snake years, all of them had a snake phobia. 2 were extremely phobic to the point of not being able to have a picture of a snake near them. 2 were able to see pictures but not touch them. 1 was okay with pictures but a snake toy would make them very uncomfortable.

since i only know a small sampling of snake people, i turn to y’all with the following questions:

are you a snake child or do you know someone who is?

are you or the person you know phobic about snakes?

the snake years are as follows:

feb. 4th, 1905 - jan. 24th,1906

jan. 23rd, 1917 - feb.10th, 1918

feb. 10th, 1929 - jan. 29th, 1930

jan. 27th, 1941 - feb. 14th, 1942

feb. 14th, 1953 - feb. 2nd, 1954

feb. 2nd, 1965 - jan. 20th, 1966

feb. 18th, 1977 - feb. 6th, 1978

feb. 6th, 1989 - jan. 26th, 1990

thank you.

My son is a snake and he has no problems with either our boa or our python.

(Of course, the boa is a Kenyan Sand Boa and only around 20 - 22 inches long and the python is a Ball Python that is still fewer than 3 feet long, but a phobia would not generally be affected by size.)

(I wonder what Melissa Kaplan’s Chinese sign is?)

I was born a poor…

Oops, wrong reference - sorry.

I am a ‘year of the snake’ kid. No phobias here about snakes, or any other critters for that matter.

I have had two Burmese pythons, 14’ and 16’, and currently have a royal python(3’) and a red-tail boa(12’).

Got any questions, I’ll be glad to answer 'em.

The biggest phobia about snakes seems to be the fact they eat “cute little bunnies and rats”. Each time I hear that phrase, I gently inform the speaker about how the whole prey is being used by the snake. Then I remind then how humans only utilize a couple of cow chunks each time they hit the drive-thru.

Reminder to self - pick up 6-pack of rats on the way home…

I was born in the year of the snake. I like snakes - my older brothers used to catch small snakes and bring them home as pets.

I’m a Year of the Horse.

I HATE snakes. Oh god-even pictures of snakes or snakes on tv scare the crap out of me. I’ll run screaming and flinching.

I liked it a lot better when it was the year of the Dragon. For obvious reasons :smiley:

Year of the Snake person here. I think they’re kinda neat, but I don’t really have much opportunity to interact with snakes.

Last time I was in PetCo, two of the checkout girls were wearing snakes across their shoulders. I thought that was pretty cool.

interesting, snake children of the sdmb not so afraid of snakes. that brings us to:

4 non phobic (sdmb)
5 phobic (work)
1 phobic horse child

ftr i 'm a rat child not snake phobic. just don’t show me a picture of beetles.

Hmmm. I’m a “year of the dragon” and was never bothered in the slightest by one. Of course they tend to persecute virgins and actually I…

Never mind.

Year of the Rabbit (or Cat, depending on which horoscope book you read) here.
And I like snakes IRL, and most reptiles in general.
But no roaches. Ick. Ecch. Ptui. Brrrrrrrrr!

um, there is no Year of the Cat, IIRC. The story goes that the emperor invited all the animals over for a banquet, but the Cat was too lazy to show up and so the Cat has no year named for him.

I always thought that too, but I have a postcard (didn’t buy the book, too expensive) that has ‘cat’ as an alternate to ‘rabbit’ with the same dates and info as ‘rabbit’.

FWIW, I’m a Year of the Ox, and I’m deathly afraid of cattle. :slight_smile: