The Yorktown, VA "Left Behind" Movie Bash/Hot Tub-a-Thon.

OK. I leave the board for just a couple of days because I had to tend to my edjamacation (2 major tests and a term paper proposal/ outline due) and the whole damn bash-athon thread just up and dies! Apparently my thread-killing properties are so potent that I can kill one of long distance!

Anyway, I really would kind of like to do this. I showed the thread to Mr. Jess and he is on-board with it as well. Sort of. His actual response was something like, “Well, Hon… You know I’m always up for a drunk and naked party… However, if you all are going to be drunk and naked and smashing County-of-York property in the back yard, then maybe we need a taller fence.” However, when I explained to him that we would not actually be able to smash County-of-York property (I checked at the local library and they do not carry Left Behind:the Movie), he agreed that it all sounded like good clean fun.

So, we here in Yorktown are all ready – I’ve got the tub good and hot and sparkly clean, and I’ve dusted off the blender, the gallon jug of tequila and my mother’s frozen Marguarita recipe. All we need is plan B on the actual VHS to bash.

So, who’s in? And when are we gonna do it? I know there are a few other area Dope-fest’s floating around during this timeframe, but still, I’m hoping we can squeeze this in somewhere. I’ve got plenty of floor space for those who’d like to crash here, and there are a number of hotels nearby, as well. Let’s plan, ok?

Depends on the weekend, but in general, count me in.

I can also bring a saw.

The closer to spring you plan it, the better a chance that Anniz will be back in the States and can go on her first roadtrip with me.

Springish is good. In fact spring break (which for me is 3/3 - 3/12) would be excellent for me. Or into the first 2 weeks in April would work. I am extremely flexible up to mid April. Then I’m into finals territory.

This sounds like a lot of fun! The second weekend in March might not be good for me, though–I may be flying back to Cleveland 3/9-3/12. April is clear, as far as I know.

Maybe we could have a “Left Behind” book barbeque, too? :smiley:

As a matter of fact, Phil, I think I’d be willing to break my life-long no-book-burning rule for this guy’s works. The only bad thing is, you can’t burn a book without at least reading it first. So it looks like I’m gonna have to hold my nose and read the damn thing. And, maybe we can convince David B to contribute his reviewer’s copy of Mind Siege to the bonfire. Of course, then I’d have to read that one too…

Certainly, we will plan the party to be sure you and Peta can be present. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you – I’m guessing you’ll be mean as hell during the MSTie portion of the evening. I think Lucretia and Bluesman had voiced interest too. And, I was hoping to see RTFirefly sometime soon to help set the date – he always knows what going on…

Yeehaw!!! Jess, I’d been thinking about emailing you to see if you still wanted to do this, but now that you’ve answered that, the only question is when?? (OK, so you’ve already pointed that out. :))

The upcoming Dopefest calendar in the MD-DC-VA-NC region is as follows: Raleigh, March 10, and No.Va., March 17. So there’s a lot to be said for holding off until April, IMO, to give some breathing space in between road trips, since those of us who are planning to be at all three of these will have to be road-tripping to at least two!

In April, I’d rather avoid Easter weekend (April 15), not out of any sense of sacrilege about destroying a copy of the LB movie that weekend (exactly the opposite!), but because my wife likes us to be together on Easter, and I have a hard time getting her across town to a Dopefest, so Yorktown might be a bit of a stretch.

Actually, I forgot about Easter – my presence has been requested at church on Easter morning (my old man feels that Easter church attendance is a family-thang), so, RTFirefly, you and I are once again on the same page. Hows about April 7? That’ll give us a few weeks between Dopefests and avoid both the big “E” and finals week.

April 7 should be clear here - I’ll check with my better half just to be sure, but we rarely have anything booked that far ahead, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Couldn’t you just get the Cliff Notes? I know there aren’t any Sparknotes on the book:)

April sounds good to me, so long as it isn’t Easter. I can just not to go any tournaments I might have that weekend.