The Young Pope on HBO.

Anybody watching this new HBO series?

It’s heavy handed. Stylistically exaggerated. Superbly acted by Jude Law but a bit let down by the rest of the cast (so far).

I have no idea where it’s all headed. But I like it, so far.

It’s definitely far more “arty” than the trailers would have one believe. It’s far better than the trailers, and I’m indeed curious where it all leads.

I’ve seen Jude Law promote this twice now on Colbert’s show (he is, after all, America’s Catholic). Haven’t seen the show but I am interested in hearing more reviews!

I watched the first episode and am intrigued. It was staged interestingly and I found the characters compelling enough that I want to know more about them.

I watched the first two episodes (the first was on Sunday while the second was on Monday, but I expect future episodes on Sundays). It was arty, and I’m not sure what they’re going for here. At one point, one of the cardinals asked someone to investigate the background of Lenny Belardo (the real name of Jude Law’s character). I find it hard to believe that his background would be such a mystery. He had been the archbishop of New York prior to his election, and I can’t imagine that his background wouldn’t already be known and have already been extensively covered by the newspapers.

Plus in the second episode, we met Cardinal Andrew Dussolier, who was also raised by Sister Mary in the same orphanage at the same time as Lenny. So this woman just happened to raise two boys, one of whom rose to be a cardinal, while the other rose to archbishop and then pope? Seems unlikely, but if it happened, it would surely have been a big part of Lenny’s public story.

It looks nice, the cast is great and Jude Law dominates every scene. It has an interesting, artsy air of menace, but otherwise doesn’t quite seem to know what it wants to be. Is it a character study? A satire of Vatican intrigue? A mystery? Even anti-Catholic propaganda? All of those things, kinda, I guess, but not entirely. It’s also just surreal enough to be slightly annoying. The Pope character seems arrogant, inscrutable, idiosyncratic and even baffling in his views of what his pontificate should be, and where he wants to take the Church.

Not sure I’ll stick with it.

Have only seen some previews, but it seems to have some Trump vibes. Am I reading too much into it, or are they subtly trying to stick it to Donnie boy?

I think you’re reading something into it. For one thing, most of the episodes aired on satellite TV in Europe before Election Day.

I suppose from the stand point of being an ‘agent of change’, the young pope can be seen as a Trump analogue. On the other hand, in contrast to Trump, he seems quite smart. :slight_smile:

Sounds a little bit Mozart in the Jungle

I was kind of hoping the “limited series” bit meant it was only six episodes. After barely making it through the first two, I checked IMDb and unfortunately it lists 10 episodes. Not sure I’m willing to watch eight more of these.

Thanks for posting… I barely made it through episode one and was checking this thread to see if it got any better. Will not bother…I found the first episode insultingly bad.

The last two episodes was just a sub-plot salad. I get it; There’s intrigue and politics in the Vatican. Still, I’m enjoying Jude Law’s masterful acting and the Young Pope’s character development. There are some great monologues that he delivers very well. Especially when he’s praying or confiding in the Monseigneur. I’m even finding the director’s filming style interesting now.

But yeah, to say I understand where the story is going… not so much.

I’ll keep watching.

I’m enjoying it thoroughly and enjoy the characters enough to see where the story leads.

What did you think of that scene with the Prime Minister from Greenland? The official reception when they are all seated and exchanging gifts…

I haven’t seen it yet! Only up to Episode 3

Once the new credit sequence rolled out, culminating in a reenactment of Cattelan’s awesome sculpture, I resolved to keep watching no matter how batshit or boring this ends up being.

Is everyone aware that they’re airing new episodes on Sunday and Monday nights at 9pm? So on Sunday, the third episode aired, while on Monday, the fourth episode aired.

Yeah- we were watching The OA last night. The SUnday/Monday schedule threw me at first.

I’m still watching, but I’m not absolutely loving it. The Pope is just too erratic for me to believe - he says and does things that simply don’t seem to be in his best interests, and are almost calculated to irritate, rile, scare or alienate those around him. Of course no one is perfect and there have been many other deeply-flawed Popes over the centuries, but Pius XIII acts stupidly and self-defeatingly even as he’s being held out to us as a shrewd, strategically-minded guy.

Best line:

The Pope: “You’re drunk.”
Cardinal Spencer: “Hah! Not enough.”

Hmm - very interesting! Hadn’t known about the sculpture before. I like the new opening credits, with the Pope walking along - and eventually winking directly at us - as the people in the artwork on the wall behind him react either to him or to the meteor hurtling overhead. I was particularly struck by one, which looks like an Eastern Orthodox icon of Jesus meeting with the Disciples, in which all lose their halos as the Pope and the meteor pass by. Hmmmm.