Theater Folk and Artists - help me make this box look old - please!

I have been carving a really neat figurine of sorts for a friends kid. They [the whole family] are into Unicorns - I think it’s a Burning Man thing, and they always love dressing up and having a fun time. SO this year I decided to make a Unicorn horn and put it into this cool box that I have. The box is new looking bare wood - pine - and I want to make it look old. I have all kinds of things I can stain it with including Teas, Stains, Paints etc but I just don’t know how to go about it…Do I burn it? Crack it then burn it? Not burn it? Anyone know the steps?

Any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

Look into techniques to distress wood, like these:

If you paint or stain, sand some of it back off again. Whack it with a hammer or other stuff to leave dents and other marks. Burn the surface a little bit. Stuff like that.

Yes, I want to make it look rather beaten-up maybe something dug out of old castle ruins…I don’t want to break it so I’ll probably paint it maybe once, sand it, paint it again then sand it again and maybe dowse it with tea…

There are too many different ideas of “old” and too many aging methods to suggest without knowing what look you’re after. If you post some photos of the kind of “old” you’d like to replicate, it might help.

Can you bury it for a few days?

Tea won’t do much, if anything, to painted wood. Wood stain will. For the worn paint look, I would use latex or acrylic paint on the bare wood, then sand some of it off and wipe on wood stain. Repeat with another paint color if you wish.

Burying it for a few days will just get it dirty and damp. In order to make it look like it has been around, you do not have to literally subject it to the elements that make old wood look old. Sanding, painting, sanding, staining, a scratch or a dent here and there can do wonders without actually wrecking the box.

It is actually bare wood so I can do anything to it right now…I like the idea of painting, then sand, then stain a little, then repeat. Couple dents, a scratch, nothing crazy. Thank you!

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I painted it with an organic paint last night and am going to paint it tonight with acrylic cerulean blue tonight, let it cure for a couple days then scrape, gouge, and sand it. Then I’ll probably rub dirt and rocks on it for effect. I hope it looks good after that!