theft lock on AC Delco

What exactly is the theft lock on an AC Delco car stereo? Is this going to prevent me from selling a stereo that I took out of my vehicle? In other words, will it work in another car?

The theft lock, at least on my Delco radio, makes you enter a password whenever the stereo has been previously removed from its power source. So if someone steals it, the first time they fire it up it will just sit there and ask for the code and not do anything until it’s entered.

It will work in another car once you enter the code.

Ok, good answer. Now question number 2 is, how do I find out what my code is?

Disregard that last question, I found my own answer courtesy of Thanks!

Well if it is still in the car that it was sold in, go to the dealer, they can look it up. (at least the dealers for my car make can, so I assume that GM dealers can also). Or check the documentation that came with the car.
If it is stolen, ESAD

Did you forget your code? If so, a GM dealership can unlock it for you, usually for free. If the stereo has already been removed from the car in which it was originally installed (and they CAN tell), then I wouldn’t count on any help.

The car comes from the factory with Theftlock off. With the car off, does the red Theftlock LED flash? If so, a previous owner has set a code. If it’s not flashing, you can safely remove the radio for future reuse.

Also, here’s the procedure to unlock Theftlock.

The procedure involves navigating to a dead link?

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For anyone wanting to know how to find your secret code, refer to the bottom of this page.