THEMED Celebrity Death Pool 2018

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Kanye West
Yoko Ono
Julian Lennon
Pete Best
Sean Lennon
Olivia Harrison
Dhani Harrison
Jane Asher
Patti Boyd Harrison
Zak Starkey
Stella McCartney


Jeff Lynne
Heather Mills
Bob Dylan

Actors from my favorite sitcoms:

Rob Reiner - All in the Family
[del]Abe Vigoda[/del] Max Gail - Barney Miller
Jeff Garlin - Curb Your Enthusiasm
Betty Lynn - The Andy Griffith Show
Jerry Mathers - Leave It To Beaver
Max Baer Jr. - The Beverly Hillbillies
Kelsey Grammer - Frasier
George Wendt - Cheers
Danny DeVito - Taxi
Kevin James - The King of Queens
Barbara Feldon - Get Smart
John Goodman - Roseanne
Ed Asner - Mary Tyler Moore

Brian Baumgartner - The Office
Ronnie Schell - Gomer Pyle, USMC
Loretta Swit - MAS*H
Plain list:

Rob Reiner
Max Gail
Jeff Garlin
Betty Lynn
Max Baer Jr.
Kelsey Grammer
George Wendt
Danny DeVito
Kevin James
Barbara Feldon
John Goodman
Ed Asner

Brian Baumgartner
Ronnie Schell
Loretta Swit

Theme: Baseball

Pedro Guerrero
Red Schoendienst
Luis Aparicio
Bobby Brown
Lou Brock
Willie Mays
Hank Aaron
Bob Uecker
Don Newcombe
Whitey Ford
Dave Parker
Mel Stottlemyre Sr.
Tommy Lasorda
First Base- Pedro Guerrero
Second Base- Red Schoendienst
Shortstop- Luis Aparicio
Third Base- Bobby Brown
Left Field- Lou Brock
Center Field- Willie Mays
Right Field- Hank Aaron
Catcher- Bob Uecker
Right Handed Pitcher- Don Newcombe
Left Handed Pitcher- Whitey Ford
Designated Hitter- Dave Parker
Pitching Coach- Mel Stottlemyre Sr.
Manager- Tommy Lasorda

Great list, Andrew 21, but don’t you want some alternates?

Kanye West?

Why not Jimmie Nicol?

Jimmy Nichol would be a good one. Macca and Kanye did a song together a few years back.

If a player on my list dies before Jan. 1, I will post a revised list. The new player would be one who played the same position as the player he replaces. For example, if Guerrero dies, his replacement will be Eddie Robinson; if Shoendienst dies, his replacement will be Bobby Richardson.


Ernest Angley
Jim Bakker
Morris Cerullo
Kenneth Copeland
Billy Graham
Robert Grant
John Hagee
Peter Popoff
Pat Robertson
Jimmy Swaggart
Don Stewart
Jack Van Impe
Jim Whittington

Frederick Price
Charles Stanley
Kay Arthur

I always feel sad when he pops up on someone list. Yeah – I know. Points thou art and to points thou must return. But rarely does a week go by that I don’t sing either the Vatican Rag or So Long Mom.

Depends on whose list, kopek. The ones on my list are mostly immortal.

That’s why I only chose him as an alternate.

Never knew him by name, but cut my teeth on Dr. Demento, and thus, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

Look Ma No Points List

Olivia de Havilland

Kirk Douglas

Connie Sawyer

Patricia Morison

Norman Lloyd

Art Rupe

Lucy Jarvis

Morton Sobell

William Coors

Al G. Wright

David Douglas Duncan

Herman Wouk

Gertrude Jeannette
No need for alternates. this list will make it to 2108

Jackie Mason
Larry King
Angelica Lansbury
Dick Van Dyke
Hugh Downs
Bob Newhart
Hosni Mubarak
Harry Belafonte
Carol Channing
Wilford Brimley
Tommy Lasorda
Mikhail Gorbachev
Norman Lear

Great idea for a theme, Paul in Qatar!

At least their careers are dead (or should be):

Donald Trump
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Spacey
Louis CK
Al Franken
Roy Moore
Matt Lauer
Charlie Rose
Jeremy Piven
Bill O’Reilly
Dustin Hoffman
Garrison Keillor
George Takei


Roman Polanski
Bill Clinton
Anthony Weiner

I will be borrowing a few for my own list of a similar theme, but I’m waiting a couple days to finalize it. Thanks.

I’m going to do a Wall Street list:
Bruce Berkowitz
Steve Mnuchin
Lloyd Blankfein
James Dimon
Warren Buffet
George Soros
Brian T. Moynihan
John Thain
Carl Icahn
Larry Fink
Bill Mcnabb
Richard Fairbank
Adena Friedman
Eddie Lampert
William Lewis
Rupert Murdoch

Do you mean *Angela *Lansbury?

Addition by subtraction - Making America Great Again

Donald Trump - President. Long national nightmare.
Rupert Murdoch - Inspiration for Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.
Charles G. Koch - Randolph Duke.
David H. Koch - Mortimer Duke.
Steve Bannon - Former White House Chief Strategist. A less-realistic Grima Wormtongue with liver disease.
Mitch McConnell - Kentucky Senator. HORRIBLE human being, passable Testudine.
Mike Pence - Vice President. True believer. Somehow NOT better than the alternative.
Sean Hannity - Fox News personality. Ego that walks like a man. “World’s Most Punchable Face” winner 5 years running. Eats crackers like he owns the place.
Ajit Pai - FCC Chairman. Fucking up the internet because wildly successful companies just aren’t getting rich enough, fast enough, goddammit.
Scott Pruitt - in charge of ruining the EPA, and so, the environment.
James O’Keefe - “Project Veritas” head. In a highly competitive year, “World’s Most Punchable Face” runner-up. Leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes.
Martin Shkreli - Most hated man in healthcare. Bra-VO, sir!
Erik Prince - Blackwater founder. The rumored would-be head of Trump’s rumored would-be secret police. Possible lizard-man.
Clean list:

Donald Trump
Rupert Murdoch
Charles G. Koch
David H. Koch
Steve Bannon
Mitch McConnell
Mike Pence
Sean Hannity
Ajit Pai
Scott Pruitt

James O’Keefe
Martin Shkreli
Erik Prince