THEMED Celebrity Death Pool 2020

NOTE: As we started in 2019, Themed Death Pool Lists will be posted and tracked in a separate thread. If you are looking for the 2020 Celebrity Death Pool thread, click here

phungi (aka: the Death Shroom) checking in as your 2020 Death Pool chaperone, with Baker (aka: the Death Mistress) running the "regular"pool.

In case anyone is new to this game, the rules are outlined below. There are a few new rules so read carefully.

The Rules:

[li]You pick 13 celebrities (plus 3 alternates) that you predict will die in the year 2020. If any of your celebrities dies, you score 100 points minus their age at death. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year…wins. It’s rather simple.[/li]
Please check the spelling if your celebrity’s names, as editing takes hours. Also, please do not put spaces or periods between abbreviated letters.

For example: “George HW Bush” instead of George H. W. Bush"
[li]Players may submit lists to both the “regular” and “themed” pools. However, those posting a Themed list should explain the theme.[/li][li]All picks must be made by December 31st, 2019, at 11:59PM, CENTRAL TIME. Late entries (i.e., ANY time after midnight of Jan 1st) will be turned away.[/li][li]Valid picks CANNOT be:[/li][LIST=a]
[li]already dead[/li][li]fictional[/li][li]under age 18[/li][li]a registered member of the SDMB[/li][li]hostages held by terrorist organizations[/li][li]famous solely as a result of their illness or the events surrounding their death (see #14 below)[/li][/ol]
[li]If you have any questions about who is or is not a celebrity, feel free to post to the thread or PM me. This is why we include 3 alternates, so if a pick is designated to be invalid, your first alternate will be elevated to your list.[/li][li]If we are uncertain about the celebrity’s age at death, we will go by the higher age (lower score).[/li][li]Prisoners held on death row count only if they die by means other than official execution.[/li][li]If you kill anyone on your list to try to get ahead or cheat, then you’re automatically disqualified.[/li][li]Editing your choices: You can change the people on your list as many times as you wish before the deadline above, just make sure that your FINAL list is known, otherwise I’m going to take the first 13 of yours I see listed.[/li][li]Alternates are important, in the case of a pick being invalid, or a pick dying prior to January 1st.[/li][li]If a player changes their username at some point, post this news on the thread, or PM me, so I know who you are.[/li][li]Tracking celebrity deaths is the job of each individual player. Wiki maintains a page of deaths each month, and is an excellent reference.[/li][li]I create and share a Scorekeeper in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet. I am happy to share this with any and all participants. I generally post to a DropBox folder, and update it after every death. If you do not have DropBox, sign up (it is free).[/li][li]Determination of who is a celebrity will remain a subjective matter, but generally defined as “the person has some known presence in the form of a Wikipedia Page and/or notoriety in the news or such” and their fame or celebrity cannot be based solely on their having a terminal illness". Sole possession of a Wikipedia page will not constitute “celebrity”. If questioned, the person who posted that individual may be required provide such evidence.[/li]
Questions may be raised about the appropriateness of a pick at any point after a list is posted, even after 1/1/20. Alternates picks play an important role, as “questionable” picks may be disqualified post-posting.
[li]Themed lists will be submitted and tracked through a separate thread/pool, linked here.[/li][li]There is no exchange of money, that would be in poor taste. Rather, each year, we share the following awards:[/li]The “Opening Kickoff” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the first listed celebrity to die in 2020.
The “Quantity Not Quality” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the greatest number of celebrities who died, regardless of their actual point value.
The “Grim Reaper” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who had the most unique picks that died.
The “Robbing the Cradle” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the youngest celebrity to die in 2020, but see rule 3d.
The “Final Hours” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the last listed celebrity to die in 2020.
[li]You need to submit a clean list, with no explanations, dates of birth, titles, etc. If you want to add commentary, include this below your clean list.[/li]
For example:

Theme: Brady Bunch

Clean list:
Robert Reed
Florence Henderson
Ann B. Davis
Barry Williams
Maureen McCormick
Christopher Knight
Eve Plumb
Mike Lookinland
Susan Olsen
Allan Melvin
Jack Collins
Robbie Rist
Desi Arnaz Jr

Annotated list:
Robert Reed as Mike Brady
Florence Henderson as Carol Brady
Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson
Barry Williams as Greg Brady
Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady
Christopher Knight as Peter Brady
Eve Plumb as Jan Brady
Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady
Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady
Allan Melvin as Sam Franklin
Jack Collins as Mr. Phillips
Robbie Rist as Cousin Oliver
Desi Arnaz, Jr. as himself
[li]Scoring: When a celebrity dies, you get their age at death subtracted from 100. All celebrities who are 100 or over count, but you get “0” Points for their death, contributing to the “Quantity not Quality” award.[/li]If anyone has any questions, post to the thread, or PM me.

Have fun, everyone. Good luck!

Theme: Religious Leaders

Clean list:
Tenzin Gyatso
Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Dimitrios Arhondonis
Ktrij Nersessian
Leith Anderson
John Upton
Ronnie Floyd
André Cox
Ted N. C. Wilson
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Michael B. Curry
Ayman Rouhani
Louis Farrakhan
David Miscavige
Peter Morales

Descriptive List:

Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama (1950–present)-Tibetan Buddhism
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis-Roman Catholic Church
Dimitrios Arhondonis, Bartholomew I-Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Ktrij Nersessian, Karekin II-Catholicos of All Armenians
Leith Anderson, President of National Association of Evangelicals-Protestantism
John Upton, President-Baptist World Alliance
Ronnie Floyd, President-Southern Baptist Convention
André Cox, General-Salvation Army
Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference President-Seventh Day Adventists
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary(Elizabeth II), Supreme Governor of the Church of England
Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop-Episcopal Church in the United States of America
Ayman Rouhani, Bahá’í Leader
Louis Farrakhan, head-Nation of Islam
David Miscavige, Ecclesiastical Leader of Scientology
Peter Morales, President-Unitarian Universalism
Akihito, Emperor of Japan, head of Shintoism

Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”

Clean list:

Bill Anders
Frank Borman
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
F.W. de Klerk
Elizabeth II
Newt Gingrich
Mikhail Gorbachev
Henry Kissinger
Jim Lovell
Ted Turner
Peter Ueberroth
Lech Walesa

Elizabeth II (1952)
Bill Anders (1968)
Frank Borman (1968)
Jim Lovell (1968)
Henry Kissinger (1972)
Jimmy Carter (1976)
Lech Walesa (1981)
Peter Ueberroth (1984)
Mikhail Gorbachev (1987, 1989)
Ted Turner (1991)
Bill Clinton (1992, 1998)
F.W. de Klerk (1993)
Newt Gingrich (1995)

David Ho (1996)
Ken Starr (1998)
Jeff Bezos (1999)

Theme: Living cast of MASH(movie or show)
Alan Alda
Loretta Swit
Mike Farrell
Jamie Farr
Gary Burghoff
Kellye Nakahara
Jeff Maxwell
G.W. Bailey
Donald Sutherland
Elliot Gould
Sally Kellerman
Robert Duvall
Rene Auberjonois

Actors in the first two Tremors movies:

Conrad Bachmann
Charlotte Stewart
Fred Ward
Richard Marcus
Michael Gross
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Helen Shaver
Marcelo Tubert
Reba McEntire
Kevin Bacon
Finn Carter
Chris Gartin
Robert Jayne

I predict some on this list won’t have such a fab 2020 (which is exactly what I said in 2019)

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Jimmy Nicol
Yoko Ono
Julian Lennon
Pete Best
Sean Lennon
Olivia Harrison
Dhani Harrison
Jane Asher
Patti Boyd Harrison
Zak Starkey
Stella McCartney


Jeff Lynne
Heather Mills
Bob Dylan

The Lou Gehrig Deadpool List:

  1. Tim Green
  2. Steve Gleason
  3. Kyōsei Tsukui
  4. Ady Barkan
  5. Jason Becker
  6. OJ Brigance
  7. Marián Čišovský
  8. Augie Nieto
  9. Doddie Weir
  10. Lenny Johnrose
  11. Stephen Darby
  12. Neale Daniher
  13. Donna Britt


  1. Lou Piniella
  2. Lou Merloni
  3. Lou Whitaker

Too late to edit. My Lou Gehrig descriptive list:

  1. Tim Green-retired American football player
  2. Steve Gleason- retired American football player
  3. Kyōsei Tsukui- Japanese voice actor
  4. Ady Barkan- progressive activist
  5. Jason Becker- musician
  6. OJ Brigance- retired American football player
  7. Marián Čišovský- soccer player
  8. Augie Nieto- fitness guru
  9. Doddie Weir- retired rugby player
  10. Lenny Johnrose- retired soccer player
  11. Stephen Darby- retired soccer player
  12. Neale Daniher- retired Aussie rules footballer
  13. Donna Britt- former Louisiana newscaster

Main Picks:

Diana Muldaur
William Shatner
Avery Brooks
Brent Spiner
Walter Koenig
Rene Auberjonois
John Larroquette
Scott Bakula
Nichelle Nichols
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Plummer
George Takei
Patrick Stewart


Kate Mulgrew
Wil Wheaton
Malcolm McDowell

Diana Muldaur (b. 1938 - TOS: Dr. Ann Mulhall, Dr. Miranda Jones - TNG: Dr. Katherine Pulaski)
William Shatner (b. 1931 - TOS: Capt. James T. Kirk)
Avery Brooks (b. 1948 - DS9: Capt. Benjamin Sisko)
Brent Spiner (b. 1949 - TNG: Lt.Cmdr Data, Lore, Dr. Noonien Soong)
Walter Koenig (b. 1936 - TOS: Ensign Pavel Chekov)
Rene Auberjonois (b. 1940 - DS9: Security Chief Odo)
John Larroquette (b. 1947 - TSFS: Maltz [Klingon Bridge Crewman])
Scott Bakula (b. 1954 - Ent: Capt Jonathan Archer)
Nichelle Nichols (b. 1932 - TOS: Lt. Nyota Uhura)
Christopher Lloyd (b. 1938 - TSFS: Kruge [Klingon Commander])
Christopher Plummer (b. 1929 - TUC: General Chang)
George Takei (b. 1937 - TOS: Lt. Hikaru Sulu)
Patrick Stewart (b. 1940 - TNG: Capt. Jean-Luc Picard)


Kate Mulgrew (b. 1955 - VOY: Capt. Kathryn Janeway)
Wil Wheaton (b. 1972 - TNG: Ensign Wesley Crusher)
Malcolm McDowell (b. 1943 - Generations: Dr. Tolian Soran)

It’s still ---- A Bridge Too Far Over the River Styx

Sean Connery
John Salthouse
Ryan O’Neal
Gene Hackman
Michael Caine
Michael Byrne
Anthony Hopkins
James Caan
Elliott Gould
Robert Redford
Edward Fox
Hardy Krüger
Liv Ullmann

David Auker
Peter Settelen

Sadly, many holdovers from prior year
Theme: Evil and its Minions (IMHO)

  • Donald Trump - orange hued evil incarnate
  • Mike Pence - evangelical hypocritical bobble-head
  • Mike Pompeo - Secretary of State - sycophant, political fixer
  • Rudy Giuliani - conspiracy theorist, crooked fixer for Trump, batshit insane
  • Betsy DeVos - paid for position of Secretary of Education
  • Brett Kavanaugh - “Sometimes I had too many beers. I liked beer. I still like beer.”
  • Mick Mulvaney - Budget Director - “Meals on Wheels doesn’t work; fighting climate change is a rip-off”
  • William Barr - Supposedly US Attorney General, actually personal pitbull for Trump
  • Mitch McConnell - From GQ: “This man has no morals, nor any respect for the rule of law, nor any respect for those who would defy him. For his own personal gain, he permitted Russia to continue manipulating the November election so that his party’s candidate could win—giving us a quivering mound of chili drippings for president.”
  • Stephen Miller - WH advisor, architect of hard-line immigration policy, including separating families, putting children in cages
  • Ivanka Kushner - "She is not passively complicit in the Trump administration’s policies; she is an active architect "
  • Kim Jong-un - Supreme Leader of North Korea, and just as deranged as our own Dear Leader
  • Devin Nunes - Rep. Nunes cares not for the truth or his constituents. His lies serve only one master - Trump


  • Vladimir Putin - President of Russia, top puppeteer
  • Dick Cheney - throwback to when evil was just heartless, and didn’t include nuclear annihilation

Plain List:

Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Mike Pompeo
Rudy Giuliani
Betsy DeVos
Brett Kavanaugh
Mick Mulvaney
William Barr
Mitch McConnell
Stephen Miller
Ivanka Kushner
Kim Jong-un
Devin Nunes

Vladimir Putin
Dick Cheney

9th Annual All-Star Sports Edition

Mike Dikta
Michael Schumacher
John Andretti
Vin Scully
Don Larsen
Tommy Lasorda
Bobby Knight
Guy Lafleur
Dale Hawerchuk
Bob Gibson
Rod Carew
William “Refrigerator” Perry

Richard Simmons
Ric Flair
Lou Brock

To be perfectly Frank

or people who have played Dr Frank N Furter on stage and screen
Tim Curry
Tim McInnery
Brent Carver
Knut Husebø
Laverne Cox
Terrence Mann
Julian McMahon
Jason Donovan
Reg Livermore
David Arquette
Anthony Head
Amber Riley
Gary Glitter

(not that I’m expecting to need them)
Tom Hewitt
David Bedella

My apologies, my clean list was anything but clean, what with the numbers preceding all of the names. Here’s my Lou Gehrig Deadpool list, resubmitted cleanly:

Tim Green
Steve Gleason
Kyōsei Tsukui
Ady Barkan
Jason Becker
OJ Brigance
Marián Čišovský
Augie Nieto
Doddie Weir
Lenny Johnrose
Stephen Darby
Neale Daniher
Donna Britt


Lou Piniella
Lou Merloni
Lou Whitaker

My theme this year: Oldest Living Oscar Winners

Olivia de Haviland (7/1/1916) Best Actress 1946
Eva Marie Saint (7/4/1924) Best Actress in a Supporting Role 1954
Lee Grant (10/31/1925) Best Actress in a Supporting Role 1976
Cloris Leachman (4/30/1926) Best Actress in a Supporting Role 1972
Mel Brooks (6/28/1926) Best Screenplay 1969
Sidney Poitier (2/20/1927) Best Actor 1964
Estelle Parsons (11/20/1927) Best Actress in a Supporting Role 1968
Burt Bacharach (5/12/1928) Best Music 1970 & 1982
James Ivory (6/7/1928) Best Adapted Screenplay 2018
André Previn (4/6/1929) Best Music 1959, 1960, 1964 & 1965
Christopher Plummer (12/13/1929) Best Actor in a Supporting Role 2012
Gene Hackman (1/30/1930) Best Actor 1972 & Best Actor in a Supporting Role 1992
Joanne Woodward (2/27/1930) Best Actress 1958

Stephen Sondheim (3/22/1930) Best Song 1991
Clint Eastwood (5/31/1930) Best Picture 1993 & 2004, Best Director 2004
Sean Connery (8/25/1930) Best Actor in a Supporting Role 1988

Clean List
Olivia de Haviland
Eva Marie Saint
Lee Grant
Cloris Leachman
Mel Brooks
Sidney Poitier
Estelle Parsons
Burt Bacharach
James Ivory
André Previn
Christopher Plummer
Gene Hackman
Joanne Woodward

Stephen Sondheim
Clint Eastwood
Sean Connery

And yes, I know de Haviland would be a pointless death. My last two themed lists were pointless, so she fits that theme as well.

Theme: My Sweet Lord of the Rings

Sean Astin
Orlando Bloom
Nina Hagen
Ian McKellen
Dominic Monaghan
Viggo Mortensen
Boy George O’Dowd
Tony Orlando
Dolly Parton
John Rhys-Davies
Klaus Voormann
Elijah Wood
Gary Wright


Eric Clapton
Peter Jackson
Ringo Starr

Previn died on February 28, 2019.

André Previn, Whose Music Knew No Boundaries, Dies at 89

:smack: That’s what I get for trusting the list on IMDB and not double checking.

Illustrious Death Shroom, please replace Previn with Sondheim.

Same theme, same entries from last year.

Members of the 1968 St. Louis Cardinals World Series roster:

Lou Brock
Steve Carlton
Orlando Cepeda
Bob Gibson
Dick Hughes
Julian Javier
Dal Maxvill
Tim McCarver
Dick ‘Ducky’ Schofield
Mike Shannon
Ed Spiezio
Bobby Tolan
Ray Washburn

Johnny Edwards
Larry Jaster
Mel Nelson

In light of Rene Auberjonois passing, please move Malcolm McDowell to my main Pick List and add Colm Meaney (b. 1953, TNG & DS9 Chief Miles O’Brian) to the alternates.

New Main List:

Diana Muldaur
William Shatner
Avery Brooks
Brent Spiner
Walter Koenig
Malcolm McDowell
John Larroquette
Scott Bakula
Nichelle Nichols
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Plummer
George Takei
Patrick Stewart

New Alternates:

Kate Mulgrew
Wil Wheaton
Colm Meaney