Theory On Why Most UFOs Are Saucer Shaped?

From what I see almost all UFOs, from some cavemen’s and ancient culture’s drawings to modern day photos and eyewitness accounts, are saucer shaped. I know there were efforts made to make an aircraft modeled after flying saucer shape that failed; I think the approach or assumption is wrong: I think the saucer shaped design is not for flight in earth like atmosphere etc but a solution to the problem of traveling loooong light years distances (that requires generations of human life span) that we are facing with now, to say, ultimately reach another earth like planet before our solar system dies off etc. I think it has something to do with hop skipping the time-space fabric folds (apologize… I don’t adhere well to the proper scientific terms) and withstanding the stress than specifically optimized for flying through various atmospheres… I’m sure that comes along if it can skip time-space folds.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I’ve eye-witnessed a saucer shaped UFO partial come out of a white candy cotton cloud high up in the sky and back in about 10 years ago in New Mexico at a friends house… alone… no one believes me but later I saw the exact saucers in the photos taken in Mexico and Japan around the same time on a History Channel’s UFO show. You have liberty to assume I am a lunatic or an overzealous UFO enthusiast imagining or making up things or whatnot. But I swear to my father grave and as a Doper I saw this thing and without getting into long detail description I’m not mistaking something else for an alien space ship.

I think long ago someone got the idea that UFO’s were supposed to be saucer shaped and this fueled a copy-cat syndrome and stereotype. Just like all the aliens with giant heads, small bodies (compared to humans), and large almond-shaped eyes.

For several decades the term used in popular slang was not “UFO” it was “flying saucer”.
People see what they expect to see–i.e things that they have been taught to see, and that other people also have claimed to see. Once a saucer, always a saucer.
It’s called confirmation bias.

And have you noticed that over the past 5-10 years, people are making a lot less UFO sightings? While at the same time we all have cell phones with cameras in our pocket…hmmm…

People see what they expect to see…but only if other people are willing to believe it.
(see: Witches, Salem )

It was misquote.
“Although Arnold never specifically used the term “flying saucer”, he was quoted at the time saying the shape of the objects he saw was like a “saucer”, “disc”, or “pie-plate”, and several years later added he had also said “the objects moved like saucers skipping across the water.” (The Arnold article has a selection of newspaper quotes.) Both the terms flying saucer and flying disc were used commonly and interchangeably in the media until the early 1950s.”

Feellin lone some again… no one believes me. I’m a nut job.

I was a total skeptic before from the days of original broadcast of “Cosmos” until I saw “it” myself. I know all of your points and theory because that was my take as well and inline with my take on everything else. When it swung out of the cloud, a ray of sun reflected off it before it quickly returned inside the cloud as if it didn’t means to come out at all. I’m one of biggest skeptic on everything and as Nietzsche ingrained in me that I don’t accept anything without first re-examining myself. Nothing I know moves with that precise control up that high in the sky and fit into that small piece of cloud. It had distinctive color (Dark but synthetic like sheen to it when the sun reflected off the thing and certain rivet like patterns or holes around the edge).

Oh, nm… what’s the point. :mad:

People say UFO’s are shaped like saucers. If instead people said UFO’s were shaped like clouds, the answer to this question would be obvious.

I don’t think you’re a nut job.
I just think you saw something weird, and your brain said "wow’ that’s weird, I’ve never seen anything like that before…It’s so weird that I don’t know how to process that information…I don’t know how to categorize it. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It wasn’t superman…
But , ya know, it was kinda , well, saucer-shaped. Aha! …now I know what category to put it in!

I don’t doubt you saw what you saw but remember what UFO stands for. It’s just an object you were unable to identify. That doesn’t mean it was space aliens. Not by a long shot.

I’m not saying you’re a nut job. I’m saying you’re forming an unlikely conclusion without sufficient evidence.

You saw something you couldn’t identify. But it’s only your assumption that the explanation for what you saw is an alien spacecraft.

I have a good friend who’s told me that he saw an alien spacecraft. I asked him to describe in detail what it was he saw. He described a bright light that maneuvered around in the sky in a manner he felt a normal aircraft could not. So he concluded it was an alien spacecraft.

I asked him why he didn’t believe it was an angel. Or a dragon. Or Johnny Storm. All of these would have appeared the same as what it was he saw. But he felt those explanations were obviously ridiculous so he felt his explanation was more reasonable. But a different person, seeing the same thing he had seen, might have decided an angel or a dragon or a superhero was a more reasonable explanation, based on their pre-existing beliefs.

You have to realize that what you saw was a UFO - an unidentified flying object. You did not see it well enough to identify it.


I’m going to hang out with the guys wearing cool sunglasses/History Channel’s UFO investigation Team.

Many UFO observations are merely lights moving in the distance. A bright light source at a distance appears to be round even if the light is coming from an object that is not round. I suspect over time that UFO spotters have preconceived notions of what a UFO looks like and turn it into reality in their minds when they see something. I have been fooled temporarily by low flying biplanes with panels of lights on the wings. I still don’t know what that is about, but when seen through the clouds on a summer night you really start to believe until you can figure it out.

It wasn’t a night or even an evening. It was about 10:30AM and very clear sky with a few definitively shaped wide apart cotton candy cloud formations with very clearly defined outer edges. I wasn’t drinking; oh I was drinking coffee. There is a lot of assumptions going on here as far as what I saw and what I supposedly have deduced in my mind. There was no logical deduction to have because it just was clear as day light seeing this thing. I’m not hazy about or vaguely remember about it but I very clearly remember. No deduction, period.

But trying to convince someone who didn’t see what I saw is a total impossibility as you can see here. I’m fine with that… not really… but I saw something that you guys didn’t see that made me change my view. It’s like “if you see God you’ll believe” kinda thing. Well, I saw this saucer and not just any saucers/UFO in any picture in any TV program but the saucer in those very pictures from Mexico and Japan is the precisely and absolutely the saucer I saw as far as what I can see in the pictures.

Charles Fort recorded many UFOs in the '30s, and few if any were saucer shaped. Most were cigar shaped. The craze began with a saucer shaped sighting, so the rest followed.

If flying saucers are shaped that way to skip across space-time in the same way as a pebble skips across water, then they shouldn’t be saucer-shaped, because pebbles are making three-dimensional skips on a two-dimensional surface. Space-time isn’t the same.

Yeah, they should look like this:

::holds hands up in a specific shape which would be completely obvious to anyone who thinks exactly like I do::

Hmmmm… I believe there was one sighting where someone thought a frisbee was a UFO. I could be wrong.

I just meant hypothetically something like that might be considered a design to withstand the stress, and perhaps not exactly for atmospheric flight, as the US air force invested in the saucer shaped aircraft project, … and I thought it might be a subject that might be discussed about, not that alien space craft would exactly travel time and space in the exact way I described. Partially the idea came to me after seeing various illustrations of the future space craft designs for long distance inter-galactic travel.


Roughly they should look like this.

Yep, that’s the shape I was making.