There "ain't no why!"

Why not you ask?

I’m not certain I understand that post. Aren’t those two questions implied by the more simply “why?”

Is “why” an unreasonable question to ask? In life (and message boards…) should one refrain from “why”?

Do you agree that “there ain’t no why!”?

Just before anyone else gets in here – Why isn’t there any “Why”? :smiley:

I’m just clueless as to why (ARGH!) i got jumped on in your thread for reiterating the question you pose in THE TITLE of your OP… but lets keep this on topic…

You got jumped on–at least by me–because you were rude and dismissive of my and Kalhoun’s thoughts on the subject.

What Eve said. To some of us, there is no why. There simply “is”. There is no apparent reason, no glimpse of things to come and no future for an individual beyond the grave.

Your statement didn’t allow for the possibility that we heathens just might be onto something.