There are Breakaway Scientologist Sects

…who believe they are recieving telpathic transmissions from L.RonHubbard himself. He is now a “captain” in “another part of the galaxy,” apparently.

See, for example:


And this message was communicated to the $cientologists of planet Earth by the good Captain Bill himself, I take it?

Any hope that a Holy War will destroy the Co$? Pretty please?

Why? What have you got against science fiction?

Yeah-I think the main COS refers to them as “squirrels.”

'cos they horde the best nuts?

Indeed. The Cult hates anyone who gets the Tech without paying the big bucks.

‘Squirrel’ is Cult jargon for heretic. People who aren’t Scientologists at all are ‘wogs’, a word with a racist history largely lost on most Americans these days.

TJdude825: I’ve got a lot against crappy science fiction, especially if it’s used as bait.