There are some Disney movies that shouldn't go On Ice

I for one am glad the eyeball-fish-woman is on ice. If she’s on ice, then she can’t be lurking somewhere out in the darkness at the same time, waiting to leap out and run down the sidewalk straight toward me with a banshee-like wail. Take a good look at that photo, and then just try to tell me you’d prefer her whereabouts to be unknown.

Judge Dredd on ice?

Tron on ice might actually be worth seeing.

The Black Hole on ice might be fun, if only to see the last ten minutes of the show. :smiley:

Dammit, and I was just about to post that :smack:

I still want Mel Brooks to make History of the World Pt. 2 so I can see Hitler on Ice

Mommy, make the bad fish go away.

I promise I’ll be good from now on. Please mommy.

And now, War and Peace— ON* ICE*!

Not safe for work (or Wile E’s boyfriend)

The Black Cauldron Ice Capade would take six years to produce, have no musical numbers (aside from a few long, dreary pseudo recitatives), and the one saving grace of having a bunch of skeleton warriors shambling out to slaughter people is tempered by the fact that they have their best (read: most violent) scenes trimmed, and that they never kill any of the three annoying comic relief characters.

John Hurt would have his moments, though.