There goes Johnny...

Hi all, as a last ditch effort, I pose this question to the teeming thousands…

There is a song I heard one time in a bar and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is… The only line I recall is “There goes Johnny with his pecker in his hand, he’s a one balled man and he’s off to the rodeo”

Anyone recognize this?

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I think it’s called “The Rodeo Song”. I’ve heard it on Dr. Demento, though obviously it’s bleeped pretty extensively.

A brief web search on AltaVista using “Rodeo Song” as the search term reveals that the artist (er, if that’s the right word) may be one of the following:

Bird & Mac Donald
Garry Leed & Sundown
Maclean & Maclean (this appears to be the one from the Dr. Demento show)

The song starts out, “Well it’s 40 below and I don’t give a f*uck, got a heater in my truck and I’m off to the Rodeo.”

The song is indeed by Showdown, from the Album “Welcome to the Road”.

Speaking of Dr. Demento, can anyone in Chicagoland tell me where and when he’s broadcast?

You can hear the show on the net; one source is:

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Dennis Matheson —
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Yup, it’s “The Rodeo Song”

Well, it’s 40 below
and I don’t give a fuck
got a heater in my truck
and I’m off to the rodeo.

It’s alleman (?) left and alleman (?) right
C’mon ya’ fuckin dummies
get your wide step (?) right
get off stage you god-damned dudes
get off

Piss me off
fuckin’ jerks
get on my nerves.
Well, that’s all I remember. Ah, those were the gool ol’ days.

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

Here I thought this was about Mr. Carson dying. Good to see its not.

It’s “Get off the stage you goddamm goof”

Nickrz, he used to be played on NIU’s radio station which I can get in the Western Suburbs. However, I don’t recall the time (midnightish?) and think it was only Friday or Saturday nights. And I don’t know the frequency of the station. Or if you can pick it up where you live. Wow… I suck.

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Dr. D. is on here in Chicago on WLUP, 97.9 FM, at 11 PM Sunday night. The show is 2 hours long. Personally, I use my VCR to record it and then listen to it at a more convenient time.

If you listen to him regularly, write the station manager and let him/her know. WDEK in Dekalb dropped him earlier this year.

Also, don’t forget the newsgroup

It’s BurnMeUp to the rescue

the artist is Kip Attaway

he also has some songs like “why don’t we get drunk and screw” “help me make it through the yard” and a few others

Ther rodeo song has a few verses… i fondly remember the next stanza

I’m proud to be an asshole from el paso
the place where even queers can have a ball
I’m proud to be an asshole from el paso
Where Quaaludes are still the biggest thrill of all.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

That stanza is not in ‘The Rodeo Song’. I have the lyrics here in front of me. I’d be happy to post the whole song, but we’re copyright violation land.

I will say that the whole song has pretty much been reprinted here by various people.

BurnMeUp, I thought A love song, from a slightly different point of view (AKA. Why don’t we get drunk, and screw) was written by Jimmy Buffett. Did Kip, cover it, or was it the other way around, Kip wrote and Jimmy covered it?

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