"There Have Been, On Average, 10 Mass Shootings In The U.S. Each Week This Year"

@Lamoral This article clarifies.

The person who died was not one of the suspects.

Police found the first gunshot victim after 11 a.m. in a car in the area of 103rd and Northern avenues, a stretch of road on the border of Glendale and Peoria in the suburbs outside Phoenix.

Over the next hour and a half, more and more calls poured in, all with a similar story: A shooter in a white SUV was firing at pedestrians and other drivers and then speeding away.

Police now say the shooter killed at least one person and left a dozen others injured at eight different locations across three cities in the Phoenix area. The shooter appeared to be targeting victims at random, according to local news reports.

A suspect is now in custody, Sgt. Brandon Sheffert, a spokesman with the Peoria Police Department, said at a news conference. Of the four people struck by gunfire in the attacks, one died and three others are “expected to recover,” he said, while nine more suffered various injuries.

IOW a typical day in the USofA.

Here is what the article actually says, “The Austin Police Department identified the slain victim as Douglas John Kantor, 25, after he succumbed to his injuries Sunday afternoon.” At least that’s what is says now when I click on the link. Did they edit the article?

Why would it be twisting the data to include gang-related shootings? They should be included, and the other sources that don’t are remiss for only counting shootings when white people get shot.

Now it’s full-on support?

Exceeding expectations.

It’s how we celebrate the nation’s founding.

USA! #1! USA! #1!

This is a complete sentence

They certainly do. So perhaps you can explain why Congress, under pressure from the NRA, so consistently suppresses facts and numbers about gun violence. It’s almost like they don’t want to know or hear about gun violence and what can be done about it, because they don’t want to do anything about it.

There’s that “American exceptionalism” old saw again. Do those “cultures, values and priorities” include tacit acceptance of the incredible rate of gun violence that is unique to the US among all first-world countries, and so incredibly much higher than any of them that it’s literally off the chart?

If so, then I would suggest those values are devoid of morality. And if you don’t accept it, then you have to acknowledge a big problem that needs to be addressed through comprehensive gun control reform. Either way, America has a big problem.

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This one is particularly weird…

Flames flashed inside the windows of a Tucson home on Sunday afternoon when 35-year-old Leslie Scarlett allegedly approached two paramedics sitting inside an ambulance a few blocks from the fire.

As the first responders turned their heads to look, Scarlett fired a pistol, striking the 20-year-old man in the driver’s seat in the head and hitting the 21-year-old woman in the passenger’s seat in the arm and chest, police said. Both were later hospitalized.

The shootings set off a rampage targeting paramedics, firefighters and police officers that left at least one person dead and four others injured.

After Scarlett allegedly shot the paramedics inside their ambulance, he drove to the site of the house fire at a one-story home on East Irene Vista near the city’s Silverlake Park. There, Tucson police said he shot at firefighters who had arrived around 3:45 p.m. to beat back the blaze inside the home.

“We’re being shot at,” one of the first responders told dispatchers over the radio, according to a recording shared with The Washington Post.

Tucson officer Danny Leon was driving toward the scene of the shooting when the gray SUV careened into the left rear side of his police cruiser, according to body-camera footage shared with The Post. Both vehicles came to a stop, and Scarlett stepped out of the SUV to shoot several bullets toward the police car, police said.

Leon dipped below the driver’s side window of his cruiser as gunshots rang out, the video showed. Then he fired his service weapon, striking Scarlett and knocking him to the ground in a gravel parking lot outside of an auto body parts shop. Scarlett was taken to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. He remained hospitalized as of early Tuesday.

Scarlett had a previous conviction for armed robbery in 2007 and was sentenced to six years in prison, 3TV/CBS 5 reported. He was released in 2013.