There is a bomb in my school.

Well maybe… there was a suspicous bag that was found about ten minutes ago in the courtyard area of my colleges health sciences building. So far HazMat, the Sherrifs Bomb squad, the fire department, and umpteen million police squads are here. Also the media has shown up and they have there little newsvans parked up on the sidewalk. Im stuck in the main building of my school as my car is parked on the street that is blocked off.

So I am either waiting for a bang, or for the report that they were x-raying someones textbooks.

So fun was had by all…

I sure do feel sorry for the forgetful kid who left his books laying around…Books ain’t cheap!

Our school system had a bomb threat on Monday. Someone called it in. All the schools, including my daughter’s preschool, were evacuated until they determined that it was a hoax.

My daughter wasn’t there–we’d kept her home because she had a bad cough and a fever. But we got a memo about the threat the next day (we would have gotten it Monday if she’d been there). The police and school officials were very clear in stating that when they found out who had called it in, they would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

This stuff just honks me right off. How could anyone, even a kid, call in a bomb threat while we’re in the middle of this mess? Come on, folks! Get your heads out! NO ONE IS AMUSED, okay? Bomb threats are NEVER funny, but right now, things are so sensitive that no one is going to go light on smeone who tries a stunt like that. I hope that whoever did this gets a hard rap on the head with the judge’s gavel rigt before being sentenced to jail time. Geez.

One of our local high schools just had a bomb scare.
They didn’t evacuate the kids but they shut them all up in their classrooms, and called the police or whatever.
Come to find out that it was someones marching band had box.
You would think that they would know what one of those looked like before scaring the crap out of people.
I mean marching band isn’t a new thing, and certainly someone should have known it was a hat box?

My high school had one a while back, and what they did was take everyone out to the track and then the stadium. It was scary at first, but it evolved into a 3-hr recess. Our parents all got notes home about it and stuff.
At this point, you really can’t be too careful, I suppose.

[HEAVY sarcasm]
Oh, no, Persephone! This was, I’m sure, just a prank. Kids will be kids. Why should we ruin some poor child’s life over a prank? Those zany kids.
[/HEAVY sarcasm]

Sorry. It’s just that after multiple pages of apologists for a kid that poisoned his class with pot brownies, and hearing how kids will be kids and they can’t be held responsible… I felt I should share the ire.

Obviously, I agree it’s a serious offense.

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Hey Bricker you might actually want to read that thread you linked to. I don’t think you could actually find someone in it who suggested that the kid should not be held responsible for his actions. There are a few who suggest that no one should overreact like you are doing.

Its funny how the school always evacuates to some designated field. I wonder what would happen if someone said that there was a bomb in the designated evacuation area as well as the school.

When I was in senior school, one year a pair of kids starting phoning in bomb threats to all the local schools for a lark. We must have had 8 bomb scares in just a couple of months. Every time, the entire school would be evacuated onto the oval, and then we’d all have to sit and wait for the bomb squad to be sent down from Melbourne. Usually, lunch break would start while we were on the oval, so the teachers would let us wonder around as long as we didn’t go near the building. Most of the kids would then take off and go home for the day. No one ever got in trouble for it. It was great! We used to sit in class and pray for a bomb scare on test days.

Eventually the boys got caught and were expelled from their school - and started attending ours! They were semi-heroes amongst my classmates for a while. How they avoided prosecution is beyond me.

Even though they knew that the threats were pranks, they couldn’t risk it and would have to evacuate the school. That must have driven the staff up the wall.

Refresh my memory: Did Klebold and Harris plant bombs in the school? I know the school was being searched for such things, but I can’t remember if there were some and they were deactivated, or if there weren’t any at all.

They definately found bombs in columbine h.s. but for some reason I can’t recall they didn’t go off.

I see. Thank you.